Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Our instructors are available for private lessons. A private lesson is 1 - 2 hours and may be experienced in your home or here at Sunstone.

A private lesson is a wonderful opportunity to more deeply explore and translate the language of your own physical body. Tension, pain, weakness, strength, ease and pleasure are the words of the body. Specific areas of the body and how the energy is stored in these areas directly reflect your experiences and how you relate to them now. By allowing the body to communicate, as we consciously observe the landscape of your body in action, you can identify how to approach your present situations in a new manner. Recognizing and releasing old, debilitating patterns opens up your life to new opportunities to improve how you feel physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

$100 per hour
Call for additional details.

About Sunstone

  • Our Purpose To provide an environment where people can connect with and cultivate their very best self.
  • Our Vision To become one of the world's most influential fitness associations who transforms the very idea of fitness from isolated physical activity into an integrated body, mind and life practice.

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