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0 Replies and 6941 Views Improve your yoga with proper nutrition!   Started by  Gerry Morton Welcome to the EnergyFirst/Sunstone Yoga nutrition Forum!  Go ahead and post any questions you have about nutrition, supplements, or anything related to living a peak performance lifestyle.  Gerry Morton will work to answer your questions and facilitate a discussion leading us all to be better yoga practitioners!  Gerry is ready to answer any of your nutrition questions and moderate a discussion on whatever nutrition topic interests you.  Fire away!
0 6941
02/21/2006 7:20 PM
1 Replies and 4827 Views Vegetable Smoothie Recepie? Started by  ananda Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a good vegetable smoothie recipes with kale, broccoli, raw egg, and spinach in it. Thank you.
1 4827
by  saratierneyJump to last post
01/05/2014 10:14 PM
3 Replies and 6173 Views yoga, water retention and muscle mass Started by  Rebekah Nussbaum i go to yoga between 5-7 times a week. usually for an hour. i have been retaining a TON of water and was wondering...WHY the first weeks or so, i dropped some weight and now an gaining. is it muscle mass that has finally kicked in
3 6173
by  BairdJump to last post
12/06/2012 7:36 AM
8 Replies and 4862 Views Low Iron? Started by  Girl Friday I am just curious, I just started (will go to my 12th class this evening). I am a 20 gallon donor at BloodCare (I donate platelets and I am on the marrow is my good deed). Off and on my iron will be low, to donate it has to be 12.5. Usually when my iron is low it will be under 12.5 but generally no lower than 11. This past Saturday it was 10, really low. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into this, and looking for a good iron supplement. For now I will have spinach for lu...
8 4862
by  emmaraynoldsJump to last post
04/01/2012 4:02 PM
5 Replies and 5448 Views post workout meals? Started by  Kristin Burkart just wondering if anyone has any advice for post yoga meals~ i know not to eat for 2-3 hours beforehand, and afterwords i take an electrolyte tablet in my water... after class i always feel GREAT and engergized, while guzzling water, and have zero appetite... all i have to go on is my knowledge of fueling the body for endurance sports (ie, running, triathlons, etc) which makes me feel like i should be eating something after class, seeing as i start class completely empty~ what do yall do for y...
5 5448
by  Rebekah NussbaumJump to last post
03/02/2012 9:16 AM
2 Replies and 4853 Views herbalife? Started by  hyders hello all, am considering trying some of the herbalife products, specifically the shake/smoothie mixes..does anyone have any experiences or recommendations or warnings about this line
2 4853
by  Jessie RosenbergerJump to last post
09/03/2010 1:39 PM
10 Replies and 13325 Views Master Cleanse Info Started by  Amanda Blankenship
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 ) The recipe for the lemonade is simple: For One Glass: 1 oz / 2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice (Freshly Squeezed) 1 oz / 2 Tbsp of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup 8 oz of Filtered Water 1/10 Tsp of Cayenne Pepper For Six Glasses: (Makes like an OJ Pitcher) 6 oz / 12 Tbsp of Lemon Juice (Freshly Squeezed) 6 oz / 12 Tbsp of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup 48 oz of Filtered Water ...
10 13325
by  Katie WilliamsJump to last post
04/21/2010 2:05 PM
4 Replies and 4843 Views Homemade granola Started by  Ben Hartsell I have told some of you about this recipe and finally got around to posting it. It is easy to make, delicious, MUCH less expensive than store bought granola, and has a lower fat and sugar content than most. You can substitute milled flax seed for the wheat germ or just add it in if you want to make it wheat free or just get some Omega 3's in the mix. I usually double the recipe which makes enough for a week of daily consumption. Enjoy! 2 cups rolled oats (do not use qu...
4 4843
by  JillianJump to last post
01/09/2010 7:20 PM
14 Replies and 11007 Views How can yoga help jumpstart weight loss? Started by  Kathryn Martinez
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I joined Sunstone a few months ago and love it. I mostly do fire classes but add in wood whenever possible. I want to lose about 40 lbs. - I've had 3 kids, I work full-time, etc. so I have to be efficient. I used to run marathons but I'm too heavy for that now. Are there particular poses that accelerate the metabolism I've also read about the cleanse. Will that help I'm coming to about 4 classes per week. Thanks.
14 11007
by  krisdwaltersJump to last post
10/07/2009 4:33 PM
15 Replies and 18665 Views Vegetarian Diet Started by  Ben Hartsell
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Gerry, et al I have switched over to a vegetarian (dairy included) diet about a month ago (I was already on a very light meat protein balance at that point) and I practice yoga daily.  I am in reasonable physical condition (40 yr old male, 5'10", 160 lbs, no major health issues outside moderate osteoarthritis) and I follow a 5 meal per day ~2000 calorie diet. My question is really about getting sufficient protein for long term muscle maintenance and combating any potential vitamin/nu...
15 18665
by  LeahJump to last post
08/06/2009 11:01 AM
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