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Refer & Receive

Through December, refer a new Signature, Premier or Flex member and receive a Sunstone backpack for both of you!
Complete the form below by Sunday, December 31st.

See eligibility details below. Reward backpacks will be distributed in-studio the first week in December. 

Refer a New Member and Receive 500 Karma Reward Points!

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Eligibility Guidelines for Refer & Receive

The Basics:

  1. Any current Auto-Debit member who refers a new member will earn a Sunstone backpack for both themselves and the new member. Additionally, the current “referring” member will earn 500 Karma Reward Points for each new member they refer. 
  2. Backpack rewards are unlimited! Earn as many backpacks as you can!
  3. To claim your referral prize, you must complete this online referral form by end of day on Sunday, December 31st. (Online form may be completed by current member, referee or a TM. Current member will get an email confirmation of submission)  

Other Details: 

  • Current “referring” member can have a Signature, Premier or Flex including add-a-family memberships.  
  • Current “referring” members can be Active or on Hold (just not cancelled) 
  • Eligible referees must purchase a new Signature, Premier or Flex membership. New add-a-family memberships are not eligible. 
  • Referees/new members MAY be previous Sunstone members as long as they don’t have a current membership that is Active or on Hold. 

We’re super excited to be able to share our gratitude for our members with these awesome reward gifts! Thanks for supporting us in our 15 years of business!