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SunstoneFIT in Austin, TX is a fully integrated yoga and fitness studio. Meaning that all of our teachers are extensively trained in multiple disciplines and our classes work together to provide one, complete fitness program.

What is fitness? Fitness is the ability to accomplish a task. We want you to be able to accomplish all the tasks in your life. From healing injuries to preventing them, to becoming stronger, more flexible, more mobile, more agile. These are the benefits that you can attain at Sunstone. 

There is no other studio in town that offers what we offer: many types of yoga, barre, pilates, High Intensity Interval Training--with superb instructors all in an space that is welcoming and inviting. With classes from 6am to 7:30pm, we have a time and class that suits your needs every day.

We are a full-service studio. We offer mat and towel service (free for members!), have lockers to store your belongings, and shower facilities. This means you can stop by on your lunch break or anytime that you're near us. 

Come on into the studio, we’re happy to answer your questions and help you understand more about what it means to Live Fit and to Live Well.

Owner: Allison Roper
Manager: Allison Roper

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Class are for members only and are first come first serve. We don't offer drop-in classes.

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