Returning Team Members

FIRST: Email with the following information:

  1. All your current contact information:
    1. Full Name
    2. Mobile Number
    3. Preferred email address
    4. Current address
  2. Where you want to teach
  3. When you want to start
  4. List of classes you were previously certified to teach

We’ll respond and get you access to all the web-based teaching resources: playbooks, sequence sheets, videos and online test materials so you can refresh your knowledge of our class series. This is also the best way to learn about any updates made to the series.

SECOND: For each class, you want to teach, arrange an assessment with your Team Manager.

  1. You’ll need to teach a full-length class to a certified assessor (it may be your manager) and 2+ students of your choice (they can be friends or other TMs). Earn a score of Satisfactory or higher to be re-onboard in that series.  

    NOTE: Prior to assessments and depending on when you last taught and how current you are on the class, your manager may ask you to:

    1. Attend the Team & Teaching Leadership module at the Academy.
  2. Do this for each class you would like to teach.

Your assessor will complete the Online Assessor Form and contact the Registrar for on-boarding in that series.

THIRD: Teach

  1. You’ll have your TM permissions restored for logging into Prana and for access to Team Sites and the forums on the website. NOTE: Your manager may ask that you complete some studio-level mentorships prior to being placed on the teaching schedule, just to make sure your operational skills are as sharp as your teaching technique.
  2. Remember to complete payroll paperwork and your pay scale review with your manager before you can get paid!
  3. You are responsible for completing the CE necessary for that calendar year.

Once your website permissions have been set up, you can go to /team-sites/future-team-members/teaching-resources to find teaching resources.