How Do I Earn Karma Points?

Karma Point Rewards

Our Karma Point Rewards reduce the monthly cost of our Signature membership (see Membership options).

As you accumulate Karma Points, your monthly cost of your Signature Membership will automatically be reduced to as low as $59, according to the following chart: 

Karma Points Earned Discount Signature Price
500 points $10 $99
1000 points $20 $89
2000 points $30 $79
3500 points $40 $69
5000 points $50 $59

**Premier members earn Karma Points too but must upgrade to a Signature membership in order to take advantage of accumulated points. Email for details**

At Sunstone, we're committed to helping you connect with and cultivate your very best self. We believe that fitness is not just isolated physical activity but instead the development of a body, mind and life practice.

We are always looking for new ways to keep you practicing!

Karma Points

Not Sure How Many Karma Points You Have?

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Look at the Summary Tab. The bottom section says "Points Summary" and lists your total and available Karma Points

Karma Point Rewards FAQs

What is it?

Karma Point Rewards is a pricing discount based on your class attendance. At Sunstone, we understand that the frantic pace of life today competes for your time and your hard earned dollars, and the Karma Points Program is our way to reward you with savings for making that extra effort to be here often.

How does it work?

If you are registered in our Signature membership (see Membership options), you automatically qualify to lower your monthly rate through our Rewards Program. All students receive 10 Karma Points for every class you take. We track your attendance every time you sign in at the front desk. As you accumulate more and more Karma Points, your monthly costs will automatically be reduced, according to the following chart:

Karma Points Earned Discount Signature Price
500 points $10 $109 to $99
1000 points $20 $109 to $89
2000 points $30 $109 to $79
3500 points $40 $109 to $69
5000 points $50 $109 to $59

When does it start?

We officially launched the program in January 2006. Every class you have taken on any package at Sunstone is counted towards your total Karma Points. However, Karma Point Rewards will only reduce the monthly price of our Signature membership.

What if I achieve 50 classes (500 Karma Points) in the middle of my payment schedule?

It takes a couple of weeks for your bonus discount to take affect in our system. If you achieve your next bonus level more than 15 days before your Auto-Debit payment, your discount will show up by that time. However, if you achieve your next bonus level less than 15 days before your next Auto-Debit payment, your discount will not appear until the following month.

I am on a Premier/Choice membership, is there any way Karma Point Rewards can work for me?

Maybe. All students regardless of their membership level can earn Karma Points through attending class and our referral program. However, our Karma Point Rewards Program only reduces the rate of our Signature monthly Auto-Debit membership.

Premier or Choice members who choose to upgrade their membership to a Signature level would get rewards of their existing Karma Points along with any appropriate promotional points applied immediately to reduce their monthly rate.

If you need assistance with your Auto-Debit plan email us at

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