Aly E Rafferty

Growing up in the Greater Houston area, I danced intensively for several years as an adolescent.  Unfortunately, I pushed my body beyond its limits and began to suffer from chronic back pain at the young age of 16.  After multiple physician visits and no answers, yoga was suggested as a last resort.  I was desperate for pain relief, so I wandered into a local YMCA where I eventually found myself several times a week.  As I deepened my practice, I fell in love with the connection my body created through breath and movement.  Over time, my back pain eventually subsided and my yoga practice became something more than physical as I explored different yoga traditions throughout college.

After graduating from UT Austin in 2012, I moved to Dallas for my first nursing job at Parkland Memorial Hospital.  During my first 2 years of working, I stopped practicing yoga, utilized poor body mechanics, and made detrimental lifestyle choices.  I was consumed by stress and poor coping mechanisms to the point where I was beginning to not recognize myself.

I had seen the Sunstone logo all over the city, so I figured it was worth a try.  I walked through Sunstone’s doors in 2014, and I just can’t seem to leave.  After two months of consistent practice, I began to feel like myself again.  I was walking taller, sleeping soundly, breathing deeper, eating healthier, and smiling more.  Yoga had found me once again. 

Coming from a family of teachers, I rebelled and resisted education for as long as I could.  But teaching has found its way through my love for yoga and movement.  I am overjoyed and feel lucky to share my passion and knowledge as I work with students.  As a registered nurse, I see the impact and vitality physical fitness brings to one’s overall wellbeing.  I firmly believe that when you move better, you feel better.  With that in mind, I look forward to seeing you all on and off the mat!

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