AshleyMarie Eckstein

Howdy! My name is Ashley Marie, but most people call me “A.M.” for short (just don’t call me “Ashley” for short...I won’t respond) I have been practicing yoga since 2006 and started teaching with Sunstone in 2012.

I enjoy making personal connections with my students and learning more about their journeys so I can better guide them through their practice. I tend to be a pretty hands on instructor, and I am happy to offer physical adjustments when they are welcome by students. I am also a sucker for making people laugh while practicing yoga. It’s not unusual to hear me crack a joke in the middle of class. I like to remind everyone in the room not to take themselves too seriously...It is just yoga, after all!

In addition to getting up before the sun to teach the early yoga classes, I am kept busy with my amazing husband, my two young kiddos and my masters program. I am in school at DTS to get a masters degree in biblical counseling and aspire to be a sex therapist one day. But no matter what I accomplish professionally, I can not see myself NOT teaching yoga. I love the practice, and I feel alive on my mat, but I am also very at home behind the mic, guiding a room of yogis through asana and my guided meditation at the end of class!

I can’t wait to see you on the mat! :)

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