AshleyMarie Eckstein

Howdy! My name is Ashley Marie, but you may call me A.M. for short. I LOVE yoga!! My yoga journey started with a DVD at home to lose to weight. As a "type A" personality that often takes on a million things at once and then still thinks there is room on my plate for "just one more" thing, I found that yoga was a great way to relieve stress in addition to achieving my weight loss goals. The problem with the DVD was that I never knew if I was doing the poses "right" or not. I based my "accuracy" on how hard or easy it seemed. If the posture seemed too easy for me, I figured I was probably doing it wrong!

My eyes were opened the first time I visited a real yoga studio in 2008. There was a real instructor there, not some cheesey celebrity that I thought didn't actually do yoga regularly, but probably had lipo done instead to look that great! And the instructor would let me ask questions after class! This was a breakthrough for me. That first studio helped me envision how great my yoga practice could become if I had an instructor, but the problem in that studio was that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was way more advanced than me. I couldn't keep up. I even got scolded once by an instructor for breathing "the wrong way" but she hadn't explained to me how to breath the "right way" so I was lost.

I enjoyed yoga, and I thought there had to be instructors out there that could meet me where I was and help me go from there. That's when I found Sunstone. From my first class, it was like I had come home. I discovered that there were tons of people that weren't even as advanced as ME that practiced all in the same studio. And the instructors encouaged us to "accept our bodies where they were in our practice today;" that made a HUGE difference to me. I believed that yoga should be accessible to everyone and at Sunstone, it was. (And still is!)

By the summer of 2012, my husband and I had saved enough money to send me to teacher training to become a certified yoga instructor. It was incredibly challenging, and if I'm honest, there were many days that I wanted to quit. But, when I finished, an amazing door opened for me. Now I'm an instructor at the North Dallas Sunstone studio and I also take on private clients. I love the consistency in teaching with Sunstone and the flexibility and opportunity to be creative, that I have with my private clients. Now, I get to be the one that meets students right where they are. I get to be the one that tells new students, you CAN do this. I get to build confidence and encourage students to accept their own bodies right where they are in their practice THAT day. In short, now I get to be the one that touches lives.

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