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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard month-to-month membership prices is $159 per month for unlimited classes or $99 a month for 4 classes a month. We offer a 25% discount off the standard prices if you sign up for a full year or a 40% discount if you pay up front for a full year. All memberships offer access to 216 classes a week with classes starting every 30 minutes.

SunstoneFit/Alive offers so many classes and is such a unique experience that we want you to have the opportunity to really experience our classes, studio, and community. That just can't be accomplished in one class. Our Trial offer is $24.99 for an entire month of unlimited classes which is less than the cost of a dropin class. We encourage you to try at least 4 classes during your trial and if you don't love it you can cancel anytime during your trial. But we know you are going to love it!

We have classes in the categories of yoga, barre, Pilates, and fitness. There are currently over a dozen class styles in those categories. Within those classes each is offered at a variety of hot and warm temperatures and a variety of class durations usually 60 or 45 minutes. But also check out our FLUX class which is a 3 class fusion made up of 15-minute stages. Classes start every 30 minutes so you never have to miss a workout and you have maximum opportunity to fine tune your experience and never plateau. 

For Sunstone locations check the studio schedules

For Alive:

Monday - Thursday: Our first class starts at 4:30am and our last class starts at 9:00pm.
Friday: Our first class starts at 4:30am and our last class starts at 7:00pm.
Saturday & Sunday: Our first class starts at 7:00am and our last class starts at 7:00pm.

Classes start every 30 minutes between our first and last class each day!

Yes - each additional family member adds $49/month ($588/year) to your base membership charge. To add a family member submit a service ticket here

During your trial month you can cancel anytime with no additional charges.

After your trial:
Month-to-Month memberships can be cancelled with a 30 day notice.
If you sign up for a 1 year membership to save 25% or pay for a full year to save 40% you can cancel with 30 days notice and will be billed or refunded based on the time on membership at the $159 a month rate for Unlimted or the $99 a month rate for the 4 class a month membership. 

Still have questions?

For membership questions text us at 1-469-785-1071 and Chelsea Wade will get back to you ASAP!