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At SunstoneFIT we love yoga and fitness. Dallas has been our home since 2002 and you will find our studios in Southlake, Rockwall, Las Colinas, Plano, and Frisco. If you are looking for men or women’s fitness classes we have the Dallas Metro area covered. We know that fitness and HIIT classes can seem intimidating especially for beginners. But don’t worry! Our workout classes are accessible to all levels of fitness. We can help you develop your cardio, strength, mobility, flexibility, and confidence. Our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes will get your heart pumping and take your fitness to a new level. In our HIIT classes, you will move from station to station where you will do sets of exercises in AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and Tabata (timed effort followed by short rest) formats. If those workout styles don't appeal to you, consider the total group exercise class experience (where everyone is doing the same exercises together) of our Cardio Fit and Core Fit classes. Our group exercise studio is a friendly environment with a community of instructors and students who will make you feel comfortable.

Sign up for a month trial and Sunstone and join us at an upcoming fitness, cardio, or HIIT class near you! We have 10 convenient gym locations in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area.

Interested in other forms of group exercise, as well? Sunstone Fit offers a variety of Yoga classes, Pilates classes, and barre classes.

high intensity interval training
Condition your body burn calories and have fun with rotating, High Intensity Interval Training circuits.

Temperature: ~85°

Note: Please bring indoor shoes
cardio fit
Cardio FIT
Increase cardio stamina through mat-based, full-body movement and the addition of a weighted ball.

Temperature: ~85°

Cardio FIT is our most cardio-driven class on the mat. This 45-minute class focuses on lower and upper body resistance exercises executed with a weighted ball.

The resistance workout is split by a 15-minute intense cardio segment. The combination of interval training, strength-based exercises and utilization of large muscle groups is designed to make you sweat!

core fit
Core FIT
Strengthen core muscles on the mat with targeted resistance training using a weighted ball.

Temperature: ~85°

Our Core FIT series is 45 minutes of full-body functional fitness designed for all fitness levels. This class targets all areas of your body from your shoulders and upper arms to your thighs and lower abs; the areas that help us create stability in our body’s core. You'll work through a warm up, an ascending and descending "ladder" of exercises, and a cool down.

Pairing a weighted ball with targeted exercises will increase strength in the body’s center. Each exercise is done for a timed interval and is paired with a weighted ball to increase strength in the body's center.