high intensity interval training
Condition your body burn calories and have fun with rotating, High Intensity Interval Training circuits.

Temperature: ~85°

Note: Please bring indoor shoes
cardio fit
Cardio FIT
Increase cardio stamina through mat-based, full-body movement and the addition of a weighted ball.

Temperature: ~85°

Cardio FIT is our most cardio-driven class on the mat. This 45-minute class focuses on lower and upper body resistance exercises executed with a weighted ball.

The resistance workout is split by a 15-minute intense cardio segment. The combination of interval training, strength-based exercises and utilization of large muscle groups is designed to make you sweat!

core fit
Core FIT
Strengthen core muscles on the mat with targeted resistance training using a weighted ball.

Temperature: ~85°

Our Core FIT series is 45 minutes of full-body functional fitness designed for all fitness levels. This class targets all areas of your body from your shoulders and upper arms to your thighs and lower abs; the areas that help us create stability in our body’s core. You'll work through a warm up, an ascending and descending "ladder" of exercises, and a cool down.

Pairing a weighted ball with targeted exercises will increase strength in the body’s center. Each exercise is done for a timed interval and is paired with a weighted ball to increase strength in the body's center.