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Techniques Training/Practice -Learn to practice and teach yoga asana. These hours are a mix between: 1) analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques and 2) guided practice of the techniques themselves. Please note, many of our yoga practice classes are in a heated & humidified room.

Teaching Methodology - Includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student's process of learning and business aspects of teaching yoga. 

Anatomy and Physiology - Includes both human physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.). Includes both the study of the subject and application of its principles to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc).

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers - Includes the study of yoga philosophies, yoga lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers.

Practicum - Includes practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Additional Learning - Includes Sunstone's proprietary Pain Free Yoga (Yoga Core), Yin Yoga methodology, David Emerald's The Power of TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic), yoga traditions of Patanjali as applied to modern day, subtle energy as it relates to somatics and the body, and valuable still mind techniques.

Sunstone Academy’s Intensive Weekend Training program is both registered with the Yoga Alliance, a non-profit organization that maintains a registry of yoga schools that comply with its standards.

Sunstone Academy Teacher Training qualifies for the 200-Hour Certification.

For more information about the Yoga Alliance, click here.

Develop Your Foundations of Yoga

200 Hour Program:  Learn the principles of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga – the most popular styles of group yoga classes – and develop your teaching skill by learning to teach multiple sequences.  We follow the Yoga Alliance training hour requirements in the following areas.

  • Technique Training/Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Practicum

We offer a Weekend Intensive program format & once a year a Weekday Semi-Intensive:

  • Saturdays and Sundays from 8am -5pm. Program duration 8 weekends.
  • Note: We practice 4 consecutive weekends and then take a 1-weekend break. Following the break we complete the final 4 consecutive weekends of training
  • Monday-Friday from 8:30am -2:30pm. Program duration 6 weeks with a 1-week break in the middle.

When you successfully complete the 200 Hour program, you’ll earn your Sunstone Academy 200-hour Teaching Certificate.  You’ll also be ready to:

  • Teach Vinyasa yoga
  • Teach Hatha yoga
  • Apply for your Yoga Alliance 200-hour certificate
Yoga Allinace RYS 200

We don't have any training programs currently scheduled.

If you are interested in employment please visit our Employment Opportunities page

  • Tuition = $3,800 $1,500 (Cost for all subsequent trainees in each program. Must pay in full to reserve your slot) 
  • You will receive a Trainee Membership Pass at the time of enrollment that gives you 3 free months of Sunstone classes ($450 value) with our Signature member benefits! It will be effective 3 weeks prior to your program start date
Please note: tuition fees are non-refundable.

If you are unable to complete your training during your original program dates, you can re-activate your enrollment for $250. This will also re-activate your training pass.

All major credit cards accepted.

Sunstone has been teaching dogma-free yoga for over 15 years. We’ve been training teachers for just as long. We have trained over 2000 teachers and built a community of studios containing like-minded, passionate people who utilize and reinforce our best practices every day.

We give you the skills to teach consistently and confidently whether you teach for us or elsewhere! Our training is full of relevant and practical information that your students will appreciate regardless of the level of experience in their yoga practice. We share the traditions of yoga in a modern-day language free from dogma and appropriate for any teaching (or non-teaching) environment. It is our vision to turn a physical yoga practice into an all-encompassing BODY, MIND and LIFE practice.

We are excited to have you join us at Sunstone Academy! If you have additional questions, please fill out the form on this page or call our Program Advisor at 214-764-2119 x3.

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What to expect as a Sunstone Academy student

During training studies include classical yoga postures, teaching Technique and Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle. Each attendee will learn how to:

  • Lead confident, consistent, and inspired classes
  • Teach classical Vinyasa (200 hour) postures. Trainees will master an example sequence.
  • Teach classical Hatha (200 hour) postures. Trainees will master an example sequence.
  • Provide adjustments and advancements to students’ postures without embarrassment
  • Make each student feel comfortable no matter their experience level
  • Answer questions regarding yoga history and methodology
  • Provide a class atmosphere that’s nurturing, welcoming and ultimately inspiring—a sanctuary from the stresses and demands of modern life

A great training program is made up of a great team. Unlike smaller courses, Sunstone’s certification programs are led by a robust and diverse team of talented instructors.

Each faculty member contributes his or her unique skills, background, support and thousands of hours of teaching experience to your personal development. You'll acquire knowledge and hone your teaching skills with a combination of classroom instruction and personal coaching from our faculty.

About the Sunstone Academy Facility

Located in Frisco, TX, your practical classwork will take place in our studio at the Center at Preston Ridge shopping center. Classwork will be conducted in person and on-line via ZOOM.

The Academy’s highly experienced faculty are committed to providing the highest quality Yoga Alliance compliant instruction for your 200-hour yoga teaching certification.

Our Frisco, TX Studio is a state-of-the-art facility, offering:

  • Over 4,000 square feet of studio space.
  • Two spacious practice rooms featuring automated HVAC systems that maintain the ideal combination of heat and humidity for the instruction of each Sunstone class series.
  • Large men’s and women’s shower and locker rooms

Our classroom features:

  • Convenient kitchen area with refrigerators and microwave ovens and access to onsite laundry
  • A library of yoga and fitness-related books and materials.
Why our teacher training is different

Sunstone Academy Teacher Training is an educational program containing content created from extensive yoga teaching experience and years of development. Our training is structured specifically to help students successfully turn a passion for yoga, fitness, health and helping others into a career.

Our trainees acquire three different types of knowledge during training, each of equal importance in preparing them to teach. Each will master yoga studies, become proficient in practicing yoga postures, and learn to excel at teaching classes confidently and accurately.

We not only teach theory and mastery of postures, but also provide training in the art of "how to teach."

Each of the Sunstone Academy programs have been designed by our senior instructors and teaching faculty. We receive real world feedback on our results — from a community of Sunstone Academy graduates who teach over 640 classes a week. Our faculty remembers just what it was like to teach their first class, and is committed to presenting information and demonstrating skills that help each trainee grow into a successful yoga instructor. The courses are demanding, but the rewards are huge! And best of all, the techniques are tested every day in our thriving community.

We provide programs that accommodate all types of schedules, and make it easy to begin learning sooner without having to put life, family or a career on hold.

200 Hour Program: Learn the principles of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga – the most popular styles of group yoga class – and develop your teaching skill by learning to teach classes. We follow the Yoga Alliance training hour requirements in the following areas.

  • Technique Training/Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Practicum

When you successfully complete the 200 Hour program, you’ll earn your Sunstone Academy 200-hour Teaching Certificate. You'll also be ready to:

  • Teach Vinyasa yoga, which is great for most organizations
  • Teach Hatha yoga, which is great for most organizations
  • Apply for your Yoga Alliance 200-hour certificate
  • Apply and audition to teach for Sunstone!

Applications for employment are submitted to the Manager of the location where you wish to teach - and all hiring decisions are made at the studio level.

SunstoneFIT Employee Training: If you go on to work for Sunstone, you'll have the opportunity to learn to teach other class modalities. 

This program is modular in nature; each module consists of preparatory self-study, practice, and  leading to 8 face to face instruction at Sunstone Academy.

Module content includes:

  • Vinyasa Yoga (Pure Flow & Hot Flow)
  • Resistance Stretching (Yoga Core)
  • Advanced Yoga Sequencing (Power Flow)
  • Group Fitness (HIIT, Core Fit, Cardio Fit)
  • Pilates
  • Barre
Take the next step!

The practice of yoga is a lifelong journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Along the way you develop self-awareness, rewarding relationships and personal fulfillment. I understand that the first step can be a bit daunting—that’s why the entire Sunstone community is committed to providing you with the support you need from Day One.

Life is short, and sometimes you have to ask yourself, ‘If not now—then when?’. Becoming yoga teacher has changed my life, I know it will change your life, and together we can share the gift of yoga with the global community.

Call Sunstone Academy's Program Advisor at 214-764-2119 x3 to enroll.

Congratulations on your decision to become a yoga teacher! I look forward to personally welcoming you to our community.


Brandon Hartsell
CEO & Co-Founder
Sunstone Academy

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Focus on yourself.

Take the opportunity to slow down a little, grow your practice, make lifelong friends, and learn to teach yoga!