Begin with this 30-minute Sunstone orientation. Get your FREE WEEK of unlimited classes and our best membership offer.

Intro will prepare you for your first class at Sunstone. You'll tour the studio, meet our staff and learn about our series to ensure you have the best possible experience. Plan to start your FREE WEEK immediately! A Yoga, Hot Pilates or Functional Fitness class begins 5 minutes after each Intro concludes. Find an Intro class!

Yoga Class Series
Build your Yoga Foundation with a focus on alignment  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~60%
Practice fundamental postures in our Hot Yoga class  Temperature: ~98.6°  Humidity: ~60%
Improve your Yoga Balance and concentration in a relaxing environment  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~60%
Experience Power Yoga through fluid movement and consistent breath  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~50%

Advance with this Free Flow class designed by American Power Yoga  Temperature: ~85°

Available only at our Mockingbird studio!

Develop strength and flexibility through targeted Resistance Stretching  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~60%
Pilates & Barre-Inspired Series
Energize with our vigorous  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~60%
Define and elongate muscles through our Barre-Inspired hot sequence  Temperature: ~90°  Humidity: ~60%
Functional Fitness Series
Strengthen Core Muscles with targeted weighted ball sequences Temperature: ~85°  
Increase Cardio Fitness through resistance training with a weighted ball  Temperature: ~85°

Look for our Progressions - Classes scheduled with only 5 minutes between segments. Attend just one or stay for the whole set!

Class segments are made up of combinations of our Spark, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal Series classes both 30 and 60 minutes in length.  Find a Progression!

We Want To Meet You Where You Are. Through understanding the importance of both steady aerobic and high intensity exercise, Sunstone has designed a variety of  classes that keep your body and mind engaged, giving you the opportunity to personalize your experience and develop your own fit lifestyle.

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