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We offer 45-min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes as well as CardioFIT and CoreFIT classes done on the mat with a weighted ball. Our HIIT class sequence varies day to day, choosing from dozens of different movements--using body weight or equipment such as a pull up rig, TRX suspension trainers, rowing machines, battle ropes, plyo boxes, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, slam balls, and jump ropes. Cardio/CoreFIT classes feature a static sequence.

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Sunstone has delivered consistent, high quality, yoga classes since the day we opened in 2002. Voted Best in Dallas since 2013, we have 8 unique yoga series with foundations in Hatha, Vinyasa (flow) yoga, or Yoga Core class. Choose from classes in carefully controlled Hot or Warm rooms. Our Yoga classes are accessible to students at any level. Sunstone teachers will help you focus on alignment, mobility, as well as flexibility in your postures.

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Designed with ballet principles in mind, you can expect a consistently sequenced class which feature exercises done both on the bar and on the mat, specifically selected to fatigue, strengthen and stretch the upper body, legs, hips and abdominals. Our studios feature two Barre sequences (one with a resistance band and one with a ball), both also utilize hand weights throughout the 60-minute class. Classes are in a 90 degree-heated environment with 60% humidity for added tone and flexibility!

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Derived from traditional mat-based Pilates principles, this 45-minute energetic, workout is all about the core or center--the "powerhouse" muscles found between the upper inner thighs and arm pits. You'll gain strength, control, stamina, endurance, coordination and muscle tone during this naturally energetic class paired with up-beat music. Pilates always emphasizes safety and alignment, and can be modified for each student's body and level of proficiency.

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You have goals and we have solutions. Workshops are a fun and educational group environment where you learn to improve your yourself and enjoy our fantastic community. Our coaches curate a variety of learning experiences available in workshops held frequently throughout the year. Deliberately being part of an intentional fitness community is a smart and easy move to keep your motivation high. Make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and expand your mastery!

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Earn your 200-hr Yoga Teaching Certificate in 8 Weekends.

Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of yoga and learn leadership skills taught through the art of yoga with the Sunstone Academy. Located in Addison, TX, your practical classwork will take place in our Prestonwood Place studio where we have both a Yoga/Barre room and a full fitness training room. Classwork will be conducted in a separate classroom space, fully dedicated to learning, less than a mile from the studio.

We specialize in Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour weekend programs led by our faculty of seasoned yoga professionals. In over 16 years of educating yoga teachers, our alumni excel both within Sunstone and in the larger yoga and fitness community.

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