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I walked into the first class bent over and came out with no pain and walking straight up.

I started yoga at the suggestion of my back surgeon. I was in such pain in my lower back that I could not straighten up. My doctor advised me that an operation would have a 50-50 chance of correcting the problem. I heard about the 10 classes for $10 and decided to give it a try. I walked into the first class bent over and came out with no pain and walking straight up. I have continued with my classes ever since, trying to make at least three classes a week. Since starting yoga, I have had no back problems at all. My life has improved and so have my golf scores.
I've lost about 20 pounds since I started.

I really appreciate the service that you provide, along with the atmosphere you have created. It has been a tremendous experience for me, both physically and mentally. I've lost about 20 pounds since I started last December. My doctor initially did not recommend this activity, and said that I would be seeing a lot more of him if I did yoga. After about 6 months he told me my posture was better, the sway in my back had diminished and that my overall health had improved. He recommends it now.
I've learned to accept my body for its uniqueness.

Yoga has changed my life more than I ever realized it could. I thought losing weight would be the most satisfying and rewarding part of it, but instead, it is how I have grown as a person. I have learned to accept things for what they are and not try to change them. I’ve learned what my body is capable of doing each day and honoring that. I have also learned to accept my body for its uniqueness. Most important is learning to breathe. I know it sounds corny, but learning the pranayama breathing has helped me maintain my composure and not get caught up in the daily drama. Thank you for opening the studio in Plano and thank you for making such a positive change in my life.
No matter how much stress I am under, I always leave my class feeling better than when I went in.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, caretaker of an elderly parent, and business manager of a thriving orthopaedic practice, but at Sunstone Yoga I am just me. When I walk into the studio to be greeted by the smiling face of whomever is going to teach my class that day, the cares of my outside world disappear. I could write a book on what I have received from my yoga practice. I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6, am more flexible than I ever was in my 20's and 30's, have not had a sick day in years and at 57 I have a feeling of confidence and pride in myself that somewhere through the years I had lost. The teachers are patient, loving and always willing to help me improve my practice. Getting to yoga 4 to 5 times a week is my most important priority because there on that mat I find peace. In over 3 years, no matter how much stress I am under I always leave my class feeling better than when I went in. Sunstone is my port in the storm of a very busy life and I feel so happy to be a part of such a wonderful community of teachers and students. Namasté
I went from about 210 lbs to 190 lbs, where I've stayed for the past two years.

I had worked out with weights for 20 yrs and was kind of burned out on the whole thing. I had previously done Iyengar Yoga for about 2 years and while it offered all of the great benefits of yoga, it didn't offer the same kind of workout benefits that I would like to experience.
Once I started going to Sunstone, it became apparent really quickly that at Sunstone, you got the best of both worlds - the mental and personal benefits and challenges that regular yoga offers along with an incredible physical workout. Once I started going to Sunstone, I replaced all of my other exercise routines with my Sunstone practice.
I've also found that Sunstone offers a great amount of instruction and practice on the "yoga-side" of things, which I like. You just have to try out different classes and teachers to find out about it. It’s not just about sweating.
Another great benefit is since I started going to Sunstone, I went from about 210 lbs to 190 lbs, where I've stayed for the past two years. Overall, I think I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and I know it's because of Sunstone.
I rarely have pain in my body now.

This December, I will have been running regularly for 30 years. I calculate I have logged somewhere around 35,000 to 40,000 miles over the years. I have always enjoyed both the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise. Running has helped me stay physically, emotionally and intellectually fit. Running is a creative time for me. While my body is enjoying the repetitive movement, my mind is free. Ideas come freely.
Two years ago, I started practicing yoga at Sunstone. During my first few classes, it was a challenge just to remain in the room. It seemed so hot. I couldn't drink enough water. I couldn't imagine I would ever move into standing bow, fixed firm or Tibetan Camel and many of the other poses. But, something kept drawing me back. With each class I progressed just a little more. After a few weeks, I began to move into the postures more deeply. I began to appreciate the heat and the cleansing perspiration. I learned to breathe in a way running never taught me. The nagging little pains and soreness from running I had learned to accept began to disappear. I rarely have pain in my body now. When I do, it's normally gone after one visit to the studio.
I noticed yoga brought me an emotional peacefulness and mental clarity similar to what I experience from running but a little different. For me, running is an "inside out" process. I like to run in the morning. I get energized and my mind gets engaged. Yoga is "outside in". I like to practice yoga at the end of the day because it helps me to integrate, accept and release. Yoga is about strength, balance, focus, self control and clarity. Last summer, I attended a retreat conducted by Sam Keene, the author of "Fire in the Belly". At one point, he asked participants to think of their "sacred places". It was a no-brainer for me. Your studio on Routh has become one of my "sacred places" now.
My yoga practice allowed me to work through my injury and continue my lifestyle.

A few weeks ago I was doing a “boot camp” aerobics class when I hurt my ankle doing jumping jacks. I accidentally landed on the corner of the bench behind me, twisted my ankle, and fell to the floor. As the day went on, my ankle swelled and I thought I might have broken something. I went to the doctor and was relieved to learn that it was just sprained. The doctor prescribed the usual “RICE” (rest, ice, compression and elevation). I asked if it would be ok to do yoga, and the doctor said, “Yes. It might even be good, but listen to your body and don’t do anything that hurts.” The next night I was at Sunstone doing the metal series. My balancing poses were a little wobbly but I was amazed to find that I could do the class. I know that my yoga practice has improved my core strength, which allowed me to work through my injury and basically continue my lifestyle as if nothing had happened. Otherwise I imagine the injury would have taken much longer to recover from and been a lot more painful! I really enjoy the Fire series and recently started with Metal. All of the instructors at Sunstone are great and I really enjoy my practice.
My friends have commented on my overall appearance.

I have been taking yoga for about six months and have completed over 75 classes. I try to come at least 3 times a week. Maria, one of your instructors, commented on how she could see the change in my body. My upper body and legs are leaner and I am getting back my waistline and muscle tone. My goal is to lose all my excess body fat and to eliminate those stress toxins that have caused middle age spreading. My friends have also commented on my overall appearance, telling me that I look rested and I am walking taller. Maybe I have grown an inch from all that stretching!
I happened to lose 35 lbs in approximately four months.

Sunstone has had tremendous benefits for me. While the series did take some getting used to, I happened to lose 35 lbs in approximately four months. Yoga is amazing for the benefits that it has in cleaning out one's systems, in addition to the strength and endurance that it builds, particularly Sunstone. After a class, I feel as if I have detoxified my entire body by sweating out anything that my body didn't desire to have inside of it. No amount of sweating that I've ever done, even in my time on a cross country running team or in the Marine Corps, compares with the purifying feeling of leaving Sunstone's studio after a class. The "contraction and release" of the muscles seems to purify the body and clear the mind like nothing else I've found can.
One other benefit that astounded me is that when I attended class regularly, four days a week or so, I started to lose cravings for foods that I knew would interfere with my practice. I went from a diet of standard meat-and-potatoes-preferably-fried-please, to one that was rich in fruits and vegetables. Items such as hamburgers or sub-sandwiches dropped from being "staples" to things I would eat and enjoy on occasion, without any effort on my part. I attribute that change in lifestyle for my current level of fitness.
It has helped me with the stress in my life.

I first came to Sunstone in January 2004. I had already been doing power and Iyengar yoga classes at another fitness center. I also was running and doing spin class. I used to be one of the top runners in Dallas, and was sponsored by the Texas Rangers (back in the day).
I thought the concept of doing yoga in such heat was insane and I never imagined I would walk through the door! But I was looking for something to challenge my enthusiasm, so I let a friend talk me into the 10 -day introductory offer. The first class was VERY hard. The heat bothered me, but I loved the challenge. Even though I wasn't sure I could drive home from that first class, I was hooked.
I came 4 or 5 times a week for those first few months, and immediately felt more physically and mentally balanced. I am fairly strong, but my balance has never been great and I have very tight hips and hamstrings. The physical benefits are immense. When I control my eating, there is a definite weight loss benefit from fitness yoga. I feel toned and balanced when I am standing and sitting. It has helped me with the stress in my life. I have learned to rely on breathing to calm myself instead of reacting hastily to outside annoyances. My running form improved and I felt stronger in spin class and when lifting weights. When I’m having a hard time in the outside world, the 90 minutes in class is a welcome respite. Sometimes I take the water class, because it allows me to challenge myself from within.
As a businessperson, I immediately recognized the excellence of the Sunstone operation. The instructors were great, the business side worked well, and everyone was welcoming and encouraging. I think that is a key thing, since it is a little frightening to challenge yourself in a 99 degree room. When I walk through the front door of the studio I begin to calm down. That depressurization continues as I walk down the hall to the locker room. By the time I enter the hot room, I am ready to take deep breaths and hit the floor. I have learned special things to do for my hips and hamstrings, which I try to fit in before class starts so that I can really make the most of the opening sequences. No matter who is in the room, it feels like a community. The different teaching styles are welcomed and I never feel embarrassed if I fall out of a balancing pose or can't even reach my toes! When class is over, I feel ready to face the world.
A new found peace is within me.

Not only has yoga shaped my appearance, it has been instrumental in shaping my heart and soul. In the year and a half that I have been practicing, I have changed for the better, grown spiritually and loved more than I ever thought possible. If you allow yourself to open up to the endless teachings of yoga by Sunstone, then you are in for a joyous ride. Thank you!
Yoga is a complete fitness package.

I started doing yoga to ease pain I was having playing soccer. I took one month off of soccer and concentrated on Yoga. Injuries went away within weeks, muscles felt better, breathing improved.

When I went back out to play I had more than a pain free game, I had much more stamina and much better body control. After the game there was no lingering discomfort.

I decided to take it out three months to see any difference in skiing, an amazing difference from last season. The quality of the skiing was incredible, more control, better balance making for much better turns, stops and when safe, speed.

What a complete fitness package is Yoga.
Thanks Sunstone,
I am a physician and physical therapist... hot yoga is the quintessential fundamental blend of balancing body/mind/spirit.

I am a physician and physical therapist, as well as a competitive runner and single mother of 2 beautiful young girls.  I just completed my 10/10 package, and can personally speak to the benefits that I encouraged without direct experience, and only through reading and learning about the philosophies of yoga.  I have had better rest, better focus, higher energy, improved strength and flexibility, and improved racing performance after only 10 days of hot yoga.  The practice of hot yoga is the quintessential fundamental blend of balancing body/mind/spirit, and should be an integral component of any exercise regimen.  It is a wonderful primary form of exercise, or perfect compliment to any sport.  I challenge anyone reading this review to experience the 10/10 and doubt this testimonial.  I assure you that you will walk away from the experience with benefits at some level, and hopefully, a desire to purchase a membership.
A healthy approach to eating, increased flexibility, increased focus and a sense of serenity.

Since I started practicing at Sunstone, I’ve noticed a shift in body composition, a more healthy approach to eating, increased flexibility, increased focus and a sense of serenity. I notice that all of these areas improve when I am able to attend classes on a more regular basis, such as 3 - 5 times a week. I am a firm believer in the benefits of practicing yoga in the hot room.
Fixing my bad shoulder, avoiding carpel tunnel surgery, and healing my painful right knee have all been solved.

I did yoga in the heat for about 6 months before Sunstone and about 160 classes at Sunstone as of this writing. The benefits of increased flexibility are somewhat obvious. However, improved deep sleep, weight loss, and less cravings of bad food, as well as my worship of water intake, all sort of happened on their own. I feel relaxed all of the time. My original goals of fixing my bad shoulder, avoiding carpel tunnel surgery, and healing my painful right knee have all been solved. It takes a commitment but the reward is well worth it. Long-term goals include some more weight loss and mastering the practice. Your instructors will help me to get there.
My body physically craves yoga: the sweat, the release and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of class.

I came to Sunstone as a former competitive dancer, an aggressive long distance runner and with a small background in gym yoga. I came to learn and expand my practice and I was really looking for a new physical challenge. I discovered this and so much more. I am so pleased and grateful for what yoga, Sunstone, and your instructors have done for me this year.
Before April 2005, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to change everything about my body, when I couldn’t accept it for what it was- I wanted to be skinnier, smaller, lighter, have more muscle in one place, less in another - a consistent fight I thought I would battle for the rest of my life. And then came the yoga. What my friends and family want to know is: has yoga made you lose weight? Yes! But more importantly I have a connection that has taught me not to hate my body anymore; I have awareness and a deeper understanding of why it is so important to take care of myself, both mentally and physically. I finally have acceptance, appreciation and a lot less judgment - all true blessings I never expected.
The teachers have taught me to let go in my practice; that the heart and mind open up with the body, that I can challenge myself through the postures and push to be better, yet not be my own constant critic, and to accept each day as its own. I have learned life parallels your practice in so many ways. Dealing with everyday stress is completely different. I have lost the need to panic (your first 10 days will teach this quick!) and have learned to breathe my way through it and not to hang on to negative feelings and emotions. My body physically craves yoga: the sweat, the release and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of class. I have come to a place now where my mind and spirit crave it as well; to bring in and share positive energy with my classmates, to be calm, focused, and to give to others what I learn in class. I know I will be a yogi for the rest of my life and I look forward to what it will bring and where it will take me. I could not have gotten to where I am today without your support and guidance!!
Weight loss, cellulite loss, lower stress, improved mental perspective and a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss, cellulite loss, lower stress, improved mental perspective and a healthier lifestyle are all benefits I've gained coming to Sunstone Yoga. At over 110 classes now, I can truly say that I definitely feel it in my practice when I've had a hard day at work, a confrontation with a special someone, or just an extended period of low quality sleep. This form of working out is absolutely the best program to keep me in tune with my body, and my mind and how my whole system is affected by them. Thank you! Thank you!
I have never felt so good about everything and had so much energy during the day.

I have been practicing at Sunstone for about 4 months. When I first started, I had never done any kind of organized exercise program or any type of yoga. Luckily I found Sunstone's website and decided to try the 10 days for $10.00. As it turns out, this has been the best $10.00 I have ever spent in my life. I tried yoga because I love to scuba dive and I thought it would help me with my breathing: learning to control my breath would mean more time underwater. Everything has turned out so much better than I ever expected.
First, every single instructor has just been absolutely wonderful. Second, and most unexpected, is the amount of weight I have lost without even changing my diet. When I started I weighed 198lbs. 60 classes later I weigh 173lbs. That's 25lbs - what a nice surprise. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of trying Sunstone Yoga to go ahead and do it, because you never know; it could also be your best $10.00 investment ever. I have never felt so good about everything and had so much energy during the day.
I would like to thank all of the instructors for the great job they do by making it a very enjoyable place to practice. You have all made a very big difference in my life. Good luck to all who try.
I truly believe that it can help change your outlook on life.

My journey with Sunstone began over a year ago as I was searching for something to add to my fitness workouts. I am a very active individual and I enjoy weight training, running, and competitive swimming. I am also a certified personal trainer. I had heard about the hot style of yoga from friends, and the one word summary was "sweat". Because I always enjoy a challenge, I signed up for the $10 for 10 day program. My major goal for the yoga was to improve my flexibility, my mental focus in both my personal and professional lives, and to learn about the yoga process of relaxation.
After 170+ classes, I can honestly say that all three of these goals have been met and exceeded by combining the art of yoga with my other physical activities. I have almost exclusively taken the FIRE classes but have recently discovered the METAL series challenges me even more. One of the most unique qualities of the yoga classes is the staff of highly trained instructors who create such an energetic environment in EVERY class that I have attended. I guess that you can call me a “yogi,” because I truly believe that it can help change your outlook on life, and make you look deep inside yourself for answers that have always been there but may not surface. Namasté.