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At Sunstone we offer classes of hot, core strengthening, vinyasa flow and power yoga. Some of these classes are consistently sequenced routines of yoga postures and other classes vary their sequence with the instructor. All of these classes are held in a heated room. Though the specific temperature is dependent on the class itself. Only our "hot" classes are held at body temperature ≈ 98.6º

All of our classes are designed to reduce stress, increase strength, improve flexibility, and balance the weight of your body. Sunstone students are encouraged to combine our many offerings to achieve a harmonious physical and mental experience unique to their needs.

Sunstone is probably unlike any yoga you've experienced before. Our system builds on thousands of years of knowledge and practice, but is completely contemporary in nature and designed for today's busy professionals. We understand you want to make the most of your limited time, and our focus is on giving you the most effective total body experience available in a yoga practice. Our chosen postures are within the range of motion of the majority of people, so you'll be able to perform each posture after just a few classes, yet each are also a constant challenge. The combination of moving through and holding each posture in the heated environment work to improve strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, breath control, as well as reducing stress, producing more energy in your body, and generating overall healing. Our students tell us they've lost weight, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and completely changed their lives. It is worth it to find out if Sunstone can change your life!

30-minute Progressions (Hot Yoga 30, Flow Yoga 30, Yoga Core 30 & Pilates 30)
45-minute classes (HIIT, Core Fit, Cardio FIT, Pilates, Cycle, Pure Flow 45)
60-minute classes (Hot Yoga, Hot Yoga Lite, Yoga Calm, Flow Yoga, Pure Flow, Hot Flow, Yoga Core, Cycle, Pilates 60, Barre )
90-minute classes (Yoga Calm 90 & Hot Yoga 90)

Most students find that Sunstone's series are as challenging to the mind as they are to the body and that the class goes by quickly. Practicing classes in series encourages concentration during the poses. Focusing on your body and how it responds is not just an experience for expert practitioners. Additionally, working through a sequence of poses means a new challenge is always just a minute or two away!

No. The specific sequence of poses in each series and the heated room are unique to Sunstone Yoga. These factors are very important to the overall experience. Additionally, the presence of an experienced instructor is an invaluable part of your practice because the poses require specific instructions.

Our Orientation is perfect is the right place to start. There you will get introduced to the different class types and can make a decision which class is the best place for you to start.

Just pick a class time that works for you and arrive about 10 minutes before the class starts. We have full men's and women's dressing and shower rooms, so feel free to bring your workout clothes to the studio. The best yoga attire is what you would wear at the beach - shorts and t-shirt that allow you a full range of motion, or workout stretch clothes. Be prepared to sweat ; you'll want to have a bottle of water handy. We have filtered water at the studio so all you need is a bottle. We also offer complementary mat and towel service, so bring your own if you like, or we will provide them. You will get the best results if you don't eat for the 2 or 3 hours leading up to class time, but be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to get your body fully hydrated. Please read our Welcome Letter before and after your first class. It is full of useful guidelines and helpful tips.

Our classes are 30, 45, 60 & 90 minutes long and led by an experienced instructor who is there to help you get the most out of your session. Sunstone provides members with a fresh towel and a mat to do your poses on at no additional charge, or you can bring your own if you like. You will likely find students of all ages and levels of experience in your class as the instructor guides you through the series of poses/exercises by giving clear and complete explanations over our sound system.

Yes. To put it simply, all our classes are a great workout. The poses in our yoga classes require strength, and balance, which means as you attempt them you will be working virtually every major muscle group in the body. While there are periods of rest, the poses are done one after another, which makes them an excellent aerobic workout as well. You will be able to burn calories at a similar rate to riding an exercise bike. We are constantly being told by experienced athletes that yoga is an extremely effective workout. However, the classroom setting allows you to set a level of intensity that suits your style and your goals. Our HIIT, Core, Sweat & Pilates classes get the heart rate up and add the extra intensity you need to lose weight, tone and improve your cardiovascular system.

Heating the room to body temperature (98.6 degrees) in our hot yoga class, facilitates deeper stretching, reduces the chance of injury, and stimulates the circulatory system. The temperature increases blood flow to all areas of the body, which is essential to distributing oxygen and removing toxins. As with any physical activity, warming up the body is part of the preparation process that will increase muscle performance and reduce risk of injury. Warming the body involves bringing the body's interior core temperature to the surface of the body. When the exterior temperature is equivalent to or greater than the body's interior temperature, the process of warming up the body is aided and maintained. For students who have never practiced hot yoga, the heat can be daunting at first, but you will find that this perception quickly changes. In fact, the heat is something you will look forward to, because it contributes to the overall experience and you will actually be able to feel it help your body.

Yoga poses are most effective in sequences, especially complementary muscle and joint group sequences. For example, if you stretch your right arm, then you would stretch your left arm. Or, if you stretched the right side of your spine, then you would stretch the left side of your spine. Becoming familiar with the exact series you are doing is essential to your ability to use the series as a whole. Some yoga classes have no set sequence or an impromptu sequence, so the student will stretch one muscle and joint group, without stretching the complementary group. 

At Sunstone, each series is a carefully planned sequence of poses that works complementary muscle and joint group sequences in order to keep the body balanced. Our Power Flow class is teacher sequenced if you want to mix it up!

There are no set rules for how often to practice. Sunstone's various class series are an excellent path to physical fitness for busy people because you can realize many benefits from practicing 2 or 3 times a week. If you are looking to make a real impact on your body in terms of your conditioning, strength, muscle tone, or weight, you should consider coming 4 or 5 times a week. Practicing in a heated environment is a fantastic way to achieve results rapidly when trying to overhaul your body. As a new student you should try to give yourself as much opportunity to practice as possible. Unlike sports and other types of exercise, yoga and Pilates are difficult to overdo. Feel free to call or email us to discuss how Sunstone can fit into your fitness goals, or talk to your instructor about it before or after class.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Fitness classes are challenging in many ways. You are learning to have a balance of strength, flexibility and concentration. In the beginning, you will be challenged by the poses/exercises simply because you are learning a combination of unfamiliar movements. As you gain experience, you will find that you will want to challenge yourself and strive toward perfecting each of the poses. If you come without unreasonable expectations from yourself and the class you are likely to find the challenge rewarding and fulfilling.

In yoga stretching the muscles is a unique sensation and should not be associated with pain. For many students the sensation of stretching takes a little getting used to, but is not unpleasant. It won't take long to appreciate and understand how your body responds to stretching and discover your own limits.

The heat feels good; come and see for yourself! Our Hot Yoga Series is the hottest, yet we closely manage both the heat (98.6 degrees) and the humidity (60 percent) in our studios. You will find this ratio of heat and humidity to be safe and very manageable.

Our various series have been designed as a cumulative experience, and each posture we have selected is in the range of motion of most people. Like any other form of exercise, you will gradually build the strength and flexibility required to do the poses. When you are starting out, we encourage you to simply do your best. Rest assured that the next time you practice you will notice improvement. When people hear yoga they often get images of students in extreme positions. Though some people who do yoga are contortionists, extraordinary positions are not the goal of yoga. Everyone in the classroom, expert students and instructors included, had a first class once - nobody expects you to be an expert the first day.

Probably not. Although we practice in a classroom, you'll quickly discover that you will be in a state of intense concentration on doing the poses correctly. The same is true for everyone in the room - they will be intently focused on themselves and the instructor's direction. Although you are with other people, there is an element of solitude in the experience.

Absolutely not. Yelling and threats are not a part of our teaching method at Sunstone . Our instructors are here to teach, encourage, and motivate you. Our standard procedure is to strike a balance that brings the most out of your practice, while maintaining a positive experience for the individual, and the class as a whole. Intimidation and hostility works against these principles. Feel free to talk to your instructor before the class if you are seeking more of a direct 'push' from us to improve your practice. By staying still, calm and balanced you will find that you have been worked harder than you realize!

We do not allow headphones, personal music devices nor cell phones in any of our classrooms.
In HIIT, fitness classes, barre and Pilates, you'll notice the lights are on prior to class start. Some students may choose to quietly visit with one another while others may relax in savasana alone.
Our yoga class setting is always meant to be calm, peaceful, and free of distractions. This environment will help you get the most out of your practice, and you will find that the quiet minutes spent focusing on the poses and on your body is a very enjoyable experience. 

Chanting and meditation are not a part of Sunstone's yoga series'. However, the balance between flexibility, strength and concentration required in fitness styles of yoga can become a very meditative experience once a student has developed their practice.

Yes. Our Focus Wristbands™ are designed to encourage and assist you in developing your practice. You will receive your first Sunstone Wristband after completing 10 classes, and you earn your first Focus Wristband when you reach class 25. As you continue to develop your practice, building strength and balance in your body, your needs and goals will evolve as well. Each new level of achievement is marked by a different color wristband, corresponding with the chakras in the body, and providing you with new areas of focus and specific goals to keep you motivated and challenged in your practice. Wearing your wristbands in the classroom will also help your instructors identify where you are in your journey, so they can offer specific guidance suited to your level. Our community is a unique and special mix of people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness. As a beginner, we want you to feel welcome and appreciated; your Wristband is a symbol of belonging.

No. Maintain the balance of the room by staying throughout the class. Coming to a class with the intention of leaving early is considered poor etiquette. Come to a class that matches your availability. We have a variety of class lengths:

  • 30-minute Progressions (Hot Yoga 30, Flow Yoga 30, Yoga Core 30 & Pilates 30)
  • 45-minute classes (HIIT, Core Fit, Cardio FIT, Pilates, Cycle, Pure Flow 45)
  • 60-minute classes (Hot Yoga, Hot Yoga Lite, Yoga Calm, Flow Yoga, Pure Flow, Hot Flow, Yoga Core, Cycle, Pilates 60, Barre)
  • 90-minute classes (Yoga Calm 90 & Hot Yoga 90)

To the right is a calculator that will let you estimate your calorie burn based on your weight, class type, and class duration. Your actual calorie burn is also a function of the intensity you bring into your practice so it could be more or less than these estimates!

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the 1900s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a body conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates' system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. Pilates classes can be mat based or done with the use of equipment, such as the Reformer.

Hot Pilates is Sunstone’s version of traditional Pilates Mat-based exercises infused with higher intensity cardiovascular intervals performed to up-beat music in a warm and humid room. Hot Pilates uses many of the traditional exercises from Pilates Mat and merges them with our own Sunstone principles, language and experienced training knowledge. Hot Pilates combines a series of exercises to address areas in the body that needs strengthening, balance and coordination. By training the muscles to work together, the body improves efficiency as it moves through normal ranges of motion. The result is a challenging, inspiring and perspiring all-body workout that strengthens and sculpts the powerhouse muscles (abs, back, butt, thighs).

There are subtle differences between Hot Pilates by Sunstone and traditional Pilates Mat classes. Here are a few areas where the subtle differences are noticed:

  • Overall pace and experience of the class – Hot Pilates is done typically at a faster pace as it is infused with up-beat music and boasts a cardiovascular workout.  It is also done in a body temperature room so the heat adds to the intensity and overall challenge of the class.
  • Breathing – Hot Pilates encourages exhaling on the work or effort, through the mouth and utilizing Accordion and Percussive breaths throughout most of the class. Traditional Pilates Mat exercises can have a different breathing technique for each exercise.
  • Breathing – Hot Pilates encourages exhaling on the work or effort, through the mouth and utilizing Accordion and Percussive breaths throughout most of the class. Traditional Pilates Mat exercises can have a different breathing technique for each exercise.
  • Terminology – In our experience at Sunstone, the use of imagery and visuals are great in facilitating a student’s overall class experience. Hot Pilates continues to use Sunstone’s biomechanical language in the Metal Playbook. Hot Pilates uses unique terms or slightly adapted traditional Pilates’ language to fit with the Sunstone experience (“Engage Pilates Core”, “Pilates Bridge”, “Pilates Legs/Position”).

In Hot Pilates we focus primarily on creating strength and stability in the core or center of the body. This comes first before advancing to the smaller details or increasing ranges of motion, foot flexion and specific and coordinated breathing. Hot Pilates also follows the progressing order of the exercises as well as doing the exercises only one time. Hot Pilates maintains the traditional Pilates Principles of control, breath, flowing movement, precision, centering, stability, range of motion and opposition in all of the exercises throughout the class. Both Hot Pilates and Pilates focus on increasing the health and flexibility of the spine often times result in improved postural changes.

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Most questions you might have are located here. You should also read our Welcome Letter to better acquaint you with our studio.

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Class Calorie Calculator*

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What our Students say about Sunstone*

What my friends and family want to know is: has yoga made you lose weight? Yes! But more importantly I have a connection that has taught me not to hate my body anymore; I have awareness and a deeper understanding of why it is so important to take care of myself, both mentally and physically.

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