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We know a lot happens outside of teacher training. Here's a place to ask questions of one another, to share experiences and use Sunstone as an ongoing resource! Add your thoughts to the commentary here.

Most new yoga teachers teach in the Vinyasa style – so we now base our 200-hour training on Vinyasa flow yoga using Sunstone’s Earth series as an example Vinyasa class

We’ve re-distributed the training hours:  3 weeks for our 200-hour program and 5 weeks for our 300-hour upgrade to complete the 500 hour program – completing both means learning two different yoga class styles along with all other Yoga Alliance required content

We are committed to clear and demonstrable alignment with Yoga Alliance’s continuously improving registration standards for schools and teachers

Our 300-hour upgrade focuses on learning to teach a second series, a traditional hot yoga training based on Sunstone’s Fire series as well as learning the basics of Sunstone’s trademarked Pain Free Yoga concepts.

Giving you

  • Access to a NETWORK of over hundreds of Sunstone trained teachers
  • The opportunity to teach Sunstone's series to your students
  • Assistance with branding through the use of special class icons related to( but not identical to) Sunstone’s icons

Through our online directory, e-newsletters and placement services, we can offer access to our graduates, current and past, SUPPORT across the yoga profession, even discounted training tuition for new employees you would like to place in our training program.

  • Referral Incentives
  • Online Services
  • Earn Karma Points
    • Access to our online resource library
    • Access to alumni list
    • Access to alumni forum
  • Social Media Connection
  • Placement Services (recruiting and/or placing trainees)
  • Sunstone Certified Web Logo
  • Sunstone Alumni Member Packet
  • Access to Teacher Training tuition discounts for your employees
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