Live Streaming Classes & Video On Demand

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We are streaming live classes right on our home page! You can also find live and video on demand at

Backup Streams are both on Facebook and Youtube:

Click for SunstoneFIT Vimeo Click for SunstoneFIT Facebook Live Click for SunstoneFIT YOuTube

For On Demand Videos scroll to the bottom of our Vimeo page and look to the "ON DEMAND" thumbnails or thumbnails with images of the class!

3/30/20 - Thinks have been stable. We finally figured out a way to get Vimeo to behave.

3/24/20 - Vimeo support still hasn't resolved their bug. We will keep on them. We figured out how to put the Facebook live stream on the home page in the rare case that both YouTube and Vimeo are having issues.

3/21/20 - 10:50 - Vimeo support indicates the bug is back. They are working on it. We are going to try to work around it for the 11:30 class. The issue was so bad we had to miss the 10am. So sorry!

3/20/20 4:40pm - Vimeo support indicates they have identified the issue we were experiencing and have it resolved.

3/20/20 - Over the last few days we have learned a lot about live streaming. In general it has gone ok but there are several things that are hard for us to control:

1. Internet issues - though it is rare our service can have quality issues. This has not been a major issue but it can happen. We had a 3 hour period this week where we were seeing "packet loss" in our service monitoring hardware.

2. Vimeo issues - Vimeo is one of the top streaming options but it can have issues and I am sure they are experience very high demand. We have experienced their player not displaying the video stream even though we are broadcasting. When this happens it occures both on the 'embeded' player on our website and on the page. So we know it is a backend issue for Vimeo and not something we can impact. When this happens both YouTube and Facebook Live are working so Vimeo is doing a good job of "simulcasting" to those services even when having issues with their own servce. If you are watching on the SunstoneFIT website we switch the player from Vimeo to YouTube as quickly as we can (refresh your browser when you see issues).