Elisha Rose Guidry

Biography for SunstoneFit

I was over-trained when I got to SunstoneFit community:

    The "Texas Gym" was my true introduction to the fitness world when I arrived in Dallas in 1997 and I had just given birth to my son Curtis.  Since my barometer for measuring my fitness level was always based on the "hims" that were my work-out partners - and yes, they were much bigger and stronger than I could ever dream of being - so I never thought that I could possibly fit in the over-trained category based on my limited scope of vision.

    Now that my deep-rooted passion of fitness has brought me to the SunstoneFit community where I am beginning my own journey of healing in this community and I am getting to view myself with a new set of glasses.  I pray every day that while I get to be graced with this healing that is transforming me "One day at a time"; I pray that I will be able to give this back to those whose bodies' need this transformation like mine does.

         Coaching is about helping people become their very best selves and since this philosophy is what I was raised with in having parents who dedicated their lives to the service of helping other people - I am very excited to part of SunstoneFit!  I enjoyed the Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2018 and started getting schooled in coaching for SunstoneFit right after.  It is hard to explain the excitement that I feel being enmeshed in a community of people - from our clients to our fellow co-workers - whose fundamental principles align so completely with what I feel most passionate about!  In closing, I would like to again restate, I pray that grace allows me the opportunity to give back to my community - what is being given to me!


Elisha Rose Guidry

Sunstone Yoga Security