Jesica Eschler

I was born in Boulder Colorado and grew up in Phoenix Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Family and Human Development. I have a strong background in sports and coaching.  Growing up I loved all sports, I spent most of my time playing competative softball, soccer, and volleyball. After college, I coached high school softball and managed a children’s swim school for 13 years.

 I first fell in love with yoga about 6 years ago on a 5 day canoeing yoga retreat with my mother, I have continued to practice since. Yoga is an awesome full body work out, and it has made a difference in the other sports and activities in my life. Yoga brings balance to my body, mind, and life in general. 

I just moved to Texas in September of 2014 with my husband Johnny, and two dogs Tank and Buddy. This provided the perfect opportunity for a career change and allowed me to complete my 200 RYT certification. Teaching Yoga has given me a chance to inspire others and combine my coaching skills and love of yoga and fitness. I have a passion for educating and challenging myself and others, in a positive, patient, and calm manor.
Other facts:

Favorite postures: Seated spine twist and standing bow

Hot yoga is my favorite because the heat provides an extra challenge

Hobbies and favorite things to do: Reading, hiking, camping, indoor soccer, painting my nails, traveling, shopping for shoes, meditating

Daring activities: Sky diving, bungie jumping, rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving

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