Dane Douglas

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.   I moved to Dallas in 2004 after I graduated from college.  I have to admit, although I am not originally from here, I am a Dallas girl at heart 100%!
I have experienced a multitude of career opportunities, but none of them felt right.  I have worked as a buyer, a sales executive, a barista; I even worked as a supervisor at a Pilgrim’s Pride chicken plant.  Nothing spoke to my heart.  It was not until I darkened the doors at Sunstone Yoga and experienced yoga for the first time that I found my home.  The restorative and healing qualities of yoga spoke to me physically and spiritually.  I am blessed to wake up and go to work every day.  At the same time, I am able to pursue and experience my passion for yoga with people in and around this community.  
Just to include a little more about myself, my favorite color is green; I love rainy days; I have an unusual attachment to Starbuck’s; my favorite pastimes (outside of yoga) are reading, knitting and running.  My biggest fear is sharks.  My greatest joy and comfort is my husband, daughter and my three pets.  

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