Kat L Peasley

Kat is originally from the Chicagoland area. She grew up playing several sports: softball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. Always looking for adventures.

After graduating high school Kat worked for the US Navy as a transfer clerk, and travel agent for several years before deciding to make a big life change. She decided to begin traveling and working for Renaissance Festivals across the country. 

During her time traveling with the festivals she picked up several trades. Management, sewing, sales, marketing, and even roofing. 

Kat rediscovered yoga after a several year long break in 2011. Finding that it helped to center her and bring some consistency to a very inconsistent lifestyle. Longing for a “home base” she got off the road and started teaching yoga, finding her home here at Sunstone! 

Outside of yoga Kat loves to dance, read, swim, go hiking, and travel as often as possible.

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