Mandi L Kolling

My entire life I’ve been involved in the dance world, training in all genres of dance since the age of 4. Upon graduating high school I moved to New York to continue my training and start my professional performing career. While living in New York I started teaching dance along side performing and fell in love with it.  Not only did I teach children of all ages in a studio atmosphere but also in a convention setting where there would be anywhere from 75-300 students in the room. After living in New York I moved to California to continue pursuing my performing career while training and teaching on the side.  As I was getting older I was starting to figure out where my priorities fell and it was becoming clearer to me that I loved teaching others more than performing.  While living in LA I was presented with a job opportunity here in TX that I couldn’t pass up. 

I moved to Texas and began teaching full time and eventually opened up my own studio with my husband, Luke. We shared in this studio experience for 6 years but decided to close and focus on freelancing as master teachers and choreographers which we still currently do. In addition to teaching I also judge for various dance competitions and am involved in a tap company which performs locally so I can still get on stage occasionally. I continue to train in all areas of dance to stay current, fresh and in shape and still absolutely love to teach and hope to do so for as long as my body will let me. 

Most recently I’ve become a teacher within our Sunstone community and am excited to be around others who are constantly looking to find their best self. I love all forms of yoga and fitness and am amazed at what the human body can do!! Looking forward to working with you and sweating along side you!!

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