Luke Kolling

Luke's yoga journey began a while ago when he was on a vacation with his wife.  They chose to take a free yoga class from the resort where they were staying and maybe it was the beach or the iguanas walking across his mat but he was hooked! From that point he would take classes here and there and eventually find Sunstone.  He started at Sunstone as a guest on his wife’s membership and enjoyed his Sunstone experience so much he decided to go to the teacher training and has been teaching ever since.  Luke has a long background in teaching and movement.  He has been teaching dance and doing choreography all over the country for the last 20 years.  In that time he has been training and working with children of all ages and enjoys what he does very much.  The ability to put movement to music and create stories and pictures is very special to him.  Teaching at Sunstone is a change of pace for him and a very welcomed one. He really loves the opportunity to work with adults in an atmosphere that everyone is trying to better themselves in some way or another.  This is truly inspiring for him and he is excited and ready to get in the room with you and help you reach your goals!

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