Sunstone's purpose has always been about helping our members be their very best self. We realize now after 16 years that we haven’t been able to achieve that with the group classes-only model. This model cannot address an individual's specific and ever-changing needs. Eventually their progress stalls and their goals are not reached and the member leaves.

The success of our members is what makes Sunstone feel good. Your success fuels our desire and ambition to move forward and improve our service.

You may be nervous about starting something new but coaches make it fun and educational. You have goals and coaches have solutions. Sunstone classes are thoughtfully crafted tools and coaches educate you to turn those classes into solutions. The way you approach a class or any physical activity should be unique to you; one size doesn't fit all. Moving well is a competency that coaches will help you learn, craft, and carry into your classes and daily life. Our amazing coaching experts will guide you through fundamental movements progressing your movement competency. You will see improved results, less pain, and learn to enjoy your body at new levels.

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