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Last Post 01/04/2016 9:37 AM by  S Molina
Membership cancellation
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Ionara Avila
New Member
New Member

12/06/2015 8:39 AM
    For about 4 weeks, I've been trying to cancel my membership over the phone and emails. Without success, not even a reply to my messages. Could any one help me solve this matter?
    Thank you!
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    12/06/2015 4:03 PM
    Hello, Ionara,
    I'm so sorry that you've had this experience! I checked on your account and we have received your email request for cancellation today, 12/6.. Cancellation requests are almost always answered within 2 days. You should be receiving that response by Tuesday. So at this point today's cancellation request is considered your 30 day notice.
    Since you purchased your package on 9/26, I will assume your draw date is the 26th of the month. This means that you will likely still have a draw on 12/26, and can attend classes through the end of January.
    We hope you find that perfect fit for your fitness needs in the future! We'll be here if you change your mind! .
    Please contact us at 214-764-2119, Mo - Fr 9a-6p, if you do not receive a response.
    Emily L Smith
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    12/06/2015 4:26 PM
    Hi Ionara,
    I have left you a voice mail and sent an email. Please call me anytime.
    Emily 214-764-2119 x 1089
    S Molina
    New Member
    New Member

    01/04/2016 9:37 AM
    I would like to cancel my membership effective January 2016. Thank you.
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