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How does the waitlist work?

We have made some updates to the waitlist process to make things easier to understand for our members.

What is the Waitlist? 

Waitlist is a notificaiton system designed to help students to reserve a spot in more popular classes by notifying them of an open space in their chosen class. Once a class is full 5 members are able to add themselves to the waitlist. Being on the waitlist does not commit you to taking the class. The waitlist is a notification system that gives you immediate notification that a spot has opened up that you can claim. Only you and the other 4 people on the waitlist will be notified. 

Once you are on the waitlist, if a spot opens up, you will get a text notification letting you know there is a spot available to be claimed, this does NOT mean you are registered for class. On a first-come-first-serve basis, you can reserve a spot in the class by following the steps below in "How does Waitlist work?"

If another spot opens up you will get another text notification and opportunity to claim a reservation until you are in class and off the waitlist. Notificaitons will continue until 30 minutes before class time.

How does Waitlist work?

  • If a class is at 100% capacity members have the opportunity to sign up for a waitlist notification.
  • If a spot for that class opens up we send a text & email to all the members on the waitlist letting them know a spot is available with a link to the Reservations Page.
    • Note this is a notification, it does NOT mean you have a reservation.
    • Reservations are first come first serve.
    • Waitlist notifications must be active (green) on your My Account page to receive this notification.
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  • If the member would like to reserve or cancel the class they must log into the Reservations Page, and click on Manage My Classes.
    • NOTE: If you do not see any options, or the class make sure you are not on the Available Classes page. You cannot make a change to your waitlist reservation from that page. Please be sure to click on Manage My Classes Page to make changes.
    • Depending on when your waitlist class is you may need to press the button between Today & Upcoming Classes to see your waitlist class(es).
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  • If a spot is still available in your waitlist class you will see 2 options:
    • Join from Waitlist
    • Remove from Waitlist
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  • If a spot is not available the will only see one option:
    • Remove from Waitlist
  • If you are wanting to join the class choose Join from Waitlist from the options. 
    • If you are the first person to regsiter you will receive a Success confirmation notifying you that you are now registered for the class.
    • If you are not the first person to register you will NOT receive this confirmation, and you are NOT in the class.
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