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Corporate Studio Regional Director: Jodie Hudson

Yoga in North Dallas - Preston Forest Village

Located in the Preston Forest Village, Sunstone welcomes North Dallas residents to our friendly studio space. Like all our Sunstone centers, our North Dallas studio offers a range of classes to keep both your body and mind engaged. Whether you stick to the same class three times a week or mix it up every day, Sunstone is here to help create the best version of yourself.

This is How We Sunstone

We've been in the business of yoga and fitness for the last 18 years, and, in that time, we've cultivated a practice that offers you four key cornerstones that will intrinsically help you on your fitness journey. When you sign up with Sunstone's North Dallas yoga studio, you can expect:

  • Strength, Flexibility + Cardiovascular Health: Critical to increasing quality of life as you age
  • Weight Management: Calorie-burning workouts that naturally lead to better food decisions every day
  • Emotional Well-Being: Classes that provide physical and mental balance while improving your capacity to deal with stress
  • Community: Meet peers to support your healthy habits and your commitment to your practice

Barre, HIIT, Barre & Yoga, North Dallas

At Sunstone, we offer Pilates, barre, yoga, and fitness classes all in one studio. If you need additional support, you can join our personal training coaching program and get the one-on-one support that you’d like. Below, we dive deeper into each type of class that Sunstone offers:

  • Barre: With Sunstone's barre classes, you can define and elongate your muscles using ballet-inspired movement, weights, resistance balls, and upbeat music. Our barre class is practiced partially on the barre and partially on a mat in a heated room.
  • Pilates: Energize and tone your powerhouse muscles (abs, back, and glutes) with our vigorous 45-minute mat-based Pilates series. The movements help to increase the health, flexibility, and stability of the spine while training muscles to work together, improving posture and overall strength.
  • Yoga: Yoga sits at the core of our company, and we have proudly been leading the way with a variety of yoga classes in the Dallas Metro area since 2002. As you can tell, we love everything about yoga and all that it has to offer the mind, body, and soul. To read about all our different yoga classes, click here.
  • Coaching: You may be nervous about starting something new, but Sunstone coaches make it fun and educational. You have goals, and our coaches have solutions. Our amazing coach experts will guide you through fundamental movements progressing your strength and competency. You’ll see improved results, less pain, and take your body to new levels.
  • Fitness: Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes will get your heart pumping and take your fitness to a new level. Together, we can help you develop your cardio, strength, mobility, flexibility, and confidence. And, don't worry, our workout classes are accessible to all levels of fitness.

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Are you looking to practice Pilates, barre, HIIT, or yoga in North Dallas? Our Sunstone community has everything you're after at our Preston Forest Village studios. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you're a complete fitness pro, our range of classes are designed to suit everyone.

Community is everything to us at Sunstone. We create and foster an environment where people can connect with and cultivate their very best self. So pop in for a class today, and change your life for the better. We'll meet you on the mat.

Contact us today, or sign up for one of our classes. If you are searching for barre, Pilates, HIIT, or yoga in North Dallas, check out our class finder.

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