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Ray Child Ray Child June 28, 2012

Walk The Talk

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Don’t you just wish life had instant replay? Just for a second have you wished that you had the chance to clearly view a past interaction or conversation from an outside perspective – to have the opportunity to learn from what you see? We do.

We want to be clear about who we at Sunstone want to be. More importantly, we want you to know what our values are and to see us demonstrate them consistently in our actions. We like to refer to it as “walking our talk”.

Since instant replay in life is (sadly) impossible, we have to find other ways to check in on the impression we're leaving through our behavior. Being introspective is one way to gain clarity on this. It is more effective however, to go outside of one’s self, to ask someone else what they see. Sound familiar? Uh hmmm…surveys anyone?

Asking the hard questions and wanting the honest answers, good or bad, is a key part of aligning words with action- “walking the talk”. Learning opportunities abound in asking “are we acting in a way that is in line with our core values”.

Feedback is a funny creature, though. It can be kind and encouraging, spiteful and destructive, or it can illuminate your bright spots while tactfully revealing the holes in your game. Knowing how to give effective feedback is important to inciting improvement. Effective feedback is:

  1. Frequent (tell us how we did every time--the more your teachers hear, the better)
  2. Timely (fill out your survey today--not at the end of the’ll remember what happened more clearly)
  3. Future-oriented (tell us what we can do better next time)

We work on putting opportunity into action. We encourage you to do the same in your life, and in your practice. Your survey responses and your comments tell us whether we are living up to our values, our 5 Teaching Principles and tells us what we can improve.

Thank you for your continued responses that will keep us “Walking our Talk”!

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