Dallas Hot Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Fitness

Dallas Hot Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Fitness

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Live Fit. Live Well. - a lifestyle

Yoga has been part of my life for a long time. The thing about yoga is, you are always learning, always changing and growing. I have come to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also about growth and change. In the last few years, yoga has helped me heal from surgeries, chemo and side effects.
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Having Trouble Losing Weight?

At Sunstone our members often ask our coaches to work with them on losing weight. Our coaches work with members to establish the right mindset around fitness and this extends to ‘losing weight’.  

Since language affects the way we think about a goal like ‘losing weight’, it is important that we clarify what we mean. When you tell your coach, ‘you want to lose weight’, do you mean you want to lose fat?

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Mastering The Fundamentals

Mastering fundamental movements is key to taking control of your body and the first step in: 
  • Controlling your continued long-term ability to move well and pain-free
  • Your short-term ability to do the physical tasks you need and want to do
  • Improving your performance and building your body awareness in any class or program. 
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Learn what is to be taken seriously, and laugh at all the rest

I recently got a survey comment that I really enjoyed: “Bean was one of the most excellent instructors I’ve ever practiced with at Sunstone. He brought humor to the mat, and was gentle at the same time.” I would like to point out, after I wrangle my ego back under my hat, that I recall that particular class, and it was not, to my recollection, gentle. People were huffing and puffing, falling out, flailing. But as I stood in the foyer after class, I saw so many smiles. So much sweat. But also, so much joy, contentment, and community. 
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Barre vs. Ballet

No, Barre is nothing like ballet. You’re welcome. 

I grew up taking ballet lessons. I truly enjoy the elegance and stability of ballet. When I first heard of barre classes, I thought, “perfect, I like ballet and have experience in that, so I’d probably be good at it”. Then I took a class and realized first hand, nope, not ballet at all. However, it did rock my world.

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Hot Yoga vs. Vinyasa Flow: What to Expect

I’ve done both Hot Yoga and Vinyasa for over ten years. I cannot imagine one without the other. I was fortunate to acquire a taste for both - and they are acquired tastes. I enjoy warm rooms and hot rooms, never cold rooms – that’s where I draw the line. Fortunately, Sunstone offers hot, warm and ambient classes! Here's some of my take-aways:


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