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Virginia Beam Virginia Beam August 10, 2016

Calm Flow: Finding Mindfulness

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Exciting news: as of August 8th, our new Calm Flow class, formerly offered only at the Southlake and Alliance studios, is available at McKinney, Frisco, Mockingbird, Preston Forest, Prestonwood Place, and Uptown! Calm Flow is a moderately paced, restorative 60-minute vinyasa class practiced in 90 degree heat. The class combines the flowing connectivity of Power Flow with the deliberation and static sequence of Hot Yoga, helping you control each thoughtful movement. Not only is Calm Flow a great counterpart to more demanding classes, it is also an opportunity to listen to your body. Your teacher will encourage you to stay with your breath and to focus on recovery instead of full exertion in every posture. With no expectations and nothing to prove, you are free to simply explore.

We talk about these principles in all of our classes, but they can be hard to put into practice. With beginner-to-intermediate-level postures that reduce the temptation to indulge ego and a slower pace to aid mindful movement, Calm Flow is designed to turn your focus inward. This meditative flow will help bridge the gap between your mind and body and learn to be truly present. Only you can create inner transformation, but we’ve done everything possible to help you get there.

We hope you allow this mindfulness to color your practice and your life—that you carry this stillness with you, so that it is always there when you need it.

See you on the mat!

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