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Ray Child Ray Child November 30, 2011

Work Life Management: Yoga and Your Workday

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Believe it or not, yoga and your workday can go hand in hand. No matter how busy your schedule, making time to add hot yoga practice to your day will help with your work life management by adding more grace and less stress.

Caloric Efficiency

When you’re working your hardest to meet deadlines and keep up with family, friends and all the demands of daily life, finding a truly efficient workout lets you get the most out of your fitness schedule.

A typical hot yoga practice uses all the muscles in the body and puts each muscle through its full range of motion. This stimulates all muscle groups, as opposed to running, which works only about 25% of the body’s muscles. More muscle activity means greater all-body toning and greater caloric burn!


You can practice yoga anywhere. Yoga is always there to give you a little break, even if you just need to move for a few minutes before meetings. Performing one or two simple poses before heading out for the day, at your desk, or jumping into a quick class can refresh both mind and body.


Yoga gives you a mini-break – a chance to focus your energy and attention on you, no matter where you are. It’s hard to think about all those daily problems, the things you can’t control, when all your attention is focused on standing on one foot and holding onto your ankle!

A yoga practice is not just an appointment with yourself but an appointment for yourself. It’s a practice that combines a real physical workout with “you-time” so that you return to your day refreshed and renewed.

Mental Acuity

Remember what we said about standing on one leg and grabbing that ankle? Those maneuvers work more than just your body! If it takes all your attention; it’s improving your mental focus! So while you’re letting go of outside stress, you’re also gaining a little clarity inside. Keep in mind that just like physical activity, mental focus takes practice too. So the more you work at it, the easier it becomes and the more skill you gain.


Exercise affects your ability to create, build, and innovate. Exercise can also affect our ability to manage uncertainty, risk, and anxiety in healthy and exciting ways. Says Jonathan Fields in a Fast Company Blog, “For artists, entrepreneurs, and any other driven creators, exercise is a powerful tool.”


Hot Yoga can help with physical balance, obviously. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits our students report, however, is increased emotional balance. Hot Yoga classes teach you how to breathe through discomfort and to manage thoughts so that you’re calmer in stressful and strenuous situations, both on and off the mat.

No Experience Necessary

Whether you’re an advanced yoga practitioner or a complete newbie, yoga is both accessible and challenging. There’s something you’ll be able to do well, and something to work on that will hold your attention through years of practice. Always familiar but always new, yoga will keep you coming back for more time and again.

No More Excuses!

No matter how busy your workday, we have the flexible schedule to help yoga and your workday work together. Our days run from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m., 364 days a year, at 12 different locations!

Our class options will fit any schedule and let you customize your time in the studio each day of the week. Our three membership levels at three different price points help you find an option that works for you. Start today!

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