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Ray Child Ray Child February 7, 2012

Set Your Intention — Focus Wristbands as Guides

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What does that colorful piece of plastic on your wrist mean to you? These days, everyone — from politicians to tweens — seems to sport a wristband as a simple reminder of something meaningful to them, whether a way of living, memorial to a friend, or a special occasion. At Sunstone, we acknowledge certain steps along your hot yoga journey with colorful Focus Wristbands to remind you of your focus for that point in your practice.

Focus WristbandYou receive your first Focus Wristband when you reach your 10th class. Wear it with pride! The dedication and discipline you demonstrated by stepping into our studios nine times after your introduction to our 98.6°F, 60% humidity hot rooms (which the body perceives as 124.6°F) takes resolve, and you have truly earned this recognition.

Your next wristbands (handed out in your 25th class and then intermittently until your reach 500 classes) are designed to set a focus or intention as your practice develops. At the beginning of your yoga journey, you may be most focused on the personal physical goals that prompted you to try hot yoga in the first place. (We frequently hear that our new students want to lose weight, tone, or increase strength and flexibility.)

As such, you may initially associate these Focus Wristbands only with the physicality of your practice — like creating a strong foundation by actively engaging through the feet, contracting the legs and buttocks, and keeping your abdominal muscles strong. As your practice develops, however, you will become more attuned to the mental and emotional benefits yoga provides, and your wristband collection may incite you to translate those once-physical goals into lifestyle goals..

Focus WristbandsFor example, at 75 classes, you will receive the yellow Manipura band, which is associated with finding new Purpose in your yoga practice and possibly your life outside of the hot room. At this point, you have already worked on building your strong Foundation (25 classes) as well as your growing Desire for your practice (50). Or maybe you wear your 100-class Balance wristband as a reminder to seek balance between your work and family time, not just when in a balancing posture like Standing Bow..

Not only can your wristbands focus your intention inside and outside of the hot room — they also signal where you are on your journey to your teachers and help instructors personalize and tailor adjustments and suggestions for your practice. It is wonderful to see students proudly wearing their wristbands into as well as outside of the studio. If you are wearing your wristbands in everyday life, you may be surprised by the people who approach you to ask whether you also practice hot yoga at Sunstone! Our student community is comprised of practitioners from all walks of life, but we all share a passion for yoga and a desire to share our experiences with one another..

Set your intention today. Wear your wristbands! Want to learn more about the goals and focus points we set for our practitioners? Click here.

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