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Brandon Hartsell Brandon Hartsell May 17, 2017

Mastering The Fundamentals

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Mastering fundamental movements is key to taking control of your body and the first step in: 
  • Controlling your continued long-term ability to move well and pain-free
  • Your short-term ability to do the physical tasks you need and want to do
  • Improving your performance and building your body awareness in any class or program. 

What it means to master fundamental movements is unique to your body and the tasks you want to be able to do with your body now and in the future. Professional athletes often risk future movement quality for better short-term performance. At Sunstone we are focused on a system of fitness that balances near-term objectives with long-term quality of movement.  

Your classes and programs should part of a fitness system. That is to say that the classes and programs you participate do not exist outside of a systems approach to your fitness. Any class or program can be effective if it is appropriate for you. Judging appropriateness requires assessment and education that is difficult to achieve without an objective guide.  

Having the right coach and the right community are the key to sustaining long-term fitness. We train Sunstone coaches to work inside a system using classes and private training as tools. Those tools are utilized specific to your assessments, your movement patterns, and your specific goals and desires. 

The system for learning fundamental movements is to scale each movement: 

  1. First by learning the movement pattern
  2. Second by slowly strengthening the movement
  3. Third by developing reasonable movement symmetry (right and left)
  4. Forth by acquiring fast more ballistic strength in the movement. 

Wrapped around the scaling of fundamental movements are potential corrective movements that are appropriate to your challenges and to each of the four stages of movement scaling. Corrective movements should be therapeutic to your body’s progress in learning (or relearning) to move well.  

Coaches provide the objectivity to make these decisions by assessment and staying current with their education and skills. The bottom line is that your body requires professional attention and maintenance. Having a coach is the decision to have a professional healthy relationship. You utilize professionals for almost everything around you (car, house, work, food, clothing, healthcare, etc) add a professional to the most important thing you have: your body.

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