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Ray Child Ray Child October 13, 2011

Top 5 Excuses for Skipping Practice

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Hot yoga can be tough. Dallas hot yoga can be tougher, given the heat outside. Here at Sunstone, our groundbreaking series of options can help you adjust to your body’s needs from workout to workout – but first, you’ve got to get in the studio.

As with any ongoing practice, it’s far too easy to find reasons to “fall off the wagon.” Here we address the top five excuses that hinder people from practicing yoga on a routine basis. So on that morning when the bed’s just too comfortable, or that evening when a heavy meal seems more tempting than pretzel poses in the heat, point your browser here for some inspiration.

The Excuses

  • I don’t have time. This is a problem we all face – too many responsibilities packed into too few hours. Think about it this way: if you’re reaping the benefits of yoga practice on a routine basis, your mind will be clearer and your body more balanced. You’ll check more items off that to-do list more quickly and efficiently if you’re making time for regular classes, and you’ll be more likely to do it with a smile. At Sunstone, we offer a range of classes to fit all schedules. If you’re in a real time crunch, consider our “Progressions” series composed of shorter, 30-minute classes. The “Progression” classes take place in 30-minute increments with a 5-minute break between each, so you can come and go before or after any 30-minute session. Check our full class offerings here – you’re sure to find one that will fit your schedule.
  • I should be with my family. Yes, you should. As often as possible. You will have times when family comes first. That’s as it should be. But think of it another way. When your body is strong and your mind is calm, you are far more available to your family. Sunstone can provide you with the energy to get through your full day and the mental presence to get it all done with more compassion and grace. When you take the time to practice yoga, you’re laying the groundwork to be the best you can be—for yourself and for your family.

Remember, at Sunstone you can add a family member to your membership at any time!

  • I ate too much. This is the ultimate in self-sabotage. “I ate too much lunch… I’ll be sluggish in class.” And with the intensity of hot yoga, it can be a fair concern. But it’s better for your brain, your body, and your practice to come and take it easy than to skip entirely. Even if you practice the first 10 minutes and then sit on your mat, you’ve kept your commitment to get to the studio.
  • It’s too far to go. With 14 locations for Dallas hot yoga, and 15 locations throughout Texas, you’re likely to find a studio nearby. But if you live a long way from a Sunstone studio, making routinely scheduled practices can be difficult. In cases like this, a home practice is particularly important. Even if you only make it to the studio once a week but are practicing the asanas at home in a warm environment, you’ll continue to make progress.

Talk with one of our certified instructors about how to safely begin a home practice, and make the commitment to make it to the studio as often possible. The regularity of your practice, not the location, is how you will begin to see the full benefits of yoga.

  • I’m too tired. This is the battle cry of the yogi or yogini who has “fallen off the wagon.” With regular practice, your body begins to want to be on the mat. You gain energy, strength, and a centered spirit from a regular yoga practice. Your Sunstone Yoga class will leave you feeling worked out and yet somehow recharged.

But when your practice slips, your energy level will, too. And there will always be days when you’re honestly overtaxed. Here’s where commitment comes in. Even if you take a shorter class, or if you need to take a rest in savasana during class, , you’ve kept your commitment to get to the studio. You’ve furthered your practice, and for today, that’s your practice.

If you still need more motivation to stick with it, find a yoga buddy! In fact, we have a Referral Program that can help lower your monthly membership fees.


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