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Ray Child Ray Child October 20, 2011

What to Eat Before Yoga Class

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The proper diet is important in order to maximize any yoga practice. With Dallas hot yoga, eating appropriately before a yoga class is particularly important. Here, we combine the extreme temperatures of the Texas environment with the extreme heat of the yoga studio. To equip our bodies with the stamina to really use the heat, and to allow our bodies to work efficiently during practice, eating healthy food on a yoga-friendly schedule is an important key to a successful practice.

The Basics

Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach. This allows the body to distribute energy and resources throughout the body during the routine, directing oxygen and blood flow to muscles, systems and organs that are being compressed, massaged or challenged by each asana.

If the digestive system is busy diverting resources to digestive processes, the body’s reserves are depleted and you won’t experience maximum benefits from your practice. The twisting, bending and stretching that takes place during a yoga practice can also “redistribute” half-digested food in your upper digestive tract, sometimes making practice extremely uncomfortable. As a general rule, don’t eat within two to three hours before your yoga class. Do make sure to drink enough water and to eat enough throughout your day to support healthy hydration and blood sugar levels during class. If you need to eat before class, have a piece of fruit with high water content and natural sugars, such as watermelon, apple, or peach.

Time of Day

If you practice early in the morning, wait until after class to eat breakfast. If you’re a coffee drinker, save that cup until class is over. When you wake up, drink two or three glasses of water to re-hydrate. If you need a little something extra, squeeze lemon or lime into your water. If you simply must break your fast before class, have a piece of fruit.

What to Eat Before Yoga Class

If you practice later in the day, make sure to eat a light, healthy lunch at least three hours before class. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and minimize high-sodium foods and heavy meals.

The Bottom Line

Your goal is to eat for health. Use your diet to improve and encourage your yoga practice, rather than working against it. A healthy day-to-day diet will enable you to experience maximum benefits of yoga practice. And when your practice is Dallas hot yoga, having a body that’s ready to handle the heat is more than an idealistic goal – it’s a necessity. At Sunstone, we’re here to help you take your yoga practice to the next level. For more information, check out our complete list of class offerings here or contact a studio near you.

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