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Ray Child Ray Child July 12, 2012

When To Take A Break

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Everyone needs to take a break sometimes, even from something as wonderful as yoga. Have a conversation with your teacher about your experience and be ready to give yourself permission to take time off if:

  • You are injured (or something doesn’t feel quite right). If you have a serious injury like a broken bone or torn hamstring, listen to your doctor. If it’s something less obvious like a persistent ache in your shoulder, back off your workouts entirely or don’t do postures that could potentially aggravate it. Give your body some time to heal and recuperate.
  • Or maybe you need to not take one particular class for a little while. For example, if your wrist is bothering you, cut out Earth for a week (and talk to your teachers about how to not put pressure on your wrists during Downward Dog!).
  • You are ill. Whether you have a bad cold or are just feeling tired and a little run down, your body is telling you it needs time off. Rest is what you need. Whenever you are feeling better, ease back into your practice until you truly are back to feeling 100%.
  • You’re tired. If you can barely keep your eyes open, give yourself permission to go home and go to bed early rather than battling through a 90-minute class.
  • You haven’t seen your family and friends lately. Yoga is all about balance--inside and outside the studio. Spending quality time with your loved ones is just as important as practicing Triangle.
  • It feels like a chore. If you’re forcing yourself to go to yoga and not enjoying your time there, you are suffering from burnout. Ask yourself whether you need a few days off. Or maybe the solution is to take a different class style or try a workshop.
  • You’re engaging in negative self talk. Do you think mean things about your thighs throughout Fire? Are you mentally berating yourself for not being able to do every posture “perfectly”? Taking time away to explore why you’re having these feelings and thoughts may be just what you need.

And when your break is over, come on back - we'll be waiting for you with open arms (oh, and a mat and a towel).

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