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Ray Child Ray Child December 21, 2011

Who Does Yoga? – Breaking Through Dallas’ Hot Yoga Myths

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Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it’s still a very misunderstood form of exercise in America. Misconceptions about yoga, most especially Dallas hot yoga, are still, (sadly) widespread in the West. Here are a few of the most far-reaching yoga myths.

You have to be in perfect shape if you want to do yoga.

Yoga is designed to adapt to a range of body types and ages. If you’re out of shape, you can start slow and be amazed in the change in your flexibility, strength and stamina after just a few classes. If you’re in great shape, you’ll be amazed at the unique challenge each pose has to offer. Every body is unique. In our Dallas hot yoga studios, you’ll learn to honor where you are and what your body can do now as you work to build a healthier, stronger, and better balanced version of yourself.

Yoga is only for relaxation.

Our Sunstone hot yoga series are designed to incorporate intense physical challenges with deep mental focus, resulting in that satisfying sense of release.

Our core Fire series is guaranteed to give you a truly comprehensive workout.We through our Pain Free Yoga philosophy. Pain Free Yoga is about balance and a strong foundation, core principles of all yoga disciplines. Doesn’t that make you feel more relaxed already?You can also try a 90-minute Earth or Metal Series which will end with a 30-minute restorative Wood series.

Looking for more mental and physical harmony? Try our Water Series. It’s the same challenging posture sequence as our Fire Series, but in a softly lit room with music.

Yoga is a “girl thing.”

In the Western world, yoga classes tend to be dominated by women, though we have a fairly balanced gender ratio in our studios. But traditionally, yogis in India and across the Eastern world were men! Yoga offers a range of challenges that are equally suited to the male and the female form. No matter your gender, yoga offers unique benefits that will challenge your body and your resolve, while bringing you long-term fitness and an improved peace of mind.

You can’t do yoga unless you believe in an Eastern religion.

Yoga isn’t a religion. Most hatha, or physical, forms of yoga are compatible with a wide range of religious beliefs – and spirituality isn’t touched on at all in our studio atmosphere – we don’t even burn incense. Our classes are focused on fitness. They will enhance your mental focus and clarity through the challenge of physical exercise.

Today, in our Dallas hot yoga practice, the focus is on giving our clients a solid physical workout in a supportive but challenging professional environment.

Hot yoga – especially Dallas hot yoga – is just too hot!

We’ve heard it a million times – “why would you do that to yourself?!” Here’s the deal.

While it may be counterintuitive, it’s fact that a heated studio “turns up the volume” on the body’s natural cooling mechanisms. Human sweat, combined with moist, humid air, keeps the body warm but not unbearably hot during practice.

Activating our body’s natural capacities lets you undertake vigorous cardiovascular exercise while you keep your breathing stable. You’ll safely elevate your heart rate and engage a wider range of muscles than in running or even weight lifting, while moving in a slow and controlled manner that, combined with the heat, helps greatly reduce your risk for injury.

At Sunstone Yoga, it’s our goal to spread the word about Dallas hot yoga, so we can debunk some of these long-standing yoga myths. We can help you reveal your own balanced, healthy body and mind. For more information, check out our complete list of class offerings here or contact a studio near you.


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