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Brandon Hartsell Brandon Hartsell May 17, 2017

Fundamental Movements Are

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Fundamental movements are… wait for it… FUNDAMENTAL. That is they form a necessary base or core; of central importance. Every class or program you take that utilizes movement relies on your ability to do fundamental movements.
The quality of your fundamental movements will directly affect the quality and safety of your ability to do any class or program. 
  • Improve your fundamental movements and you will improve your physical performance in your classes or programs.  
  • Improve your awareness of your fundamental movements and you will improve the enjoyment of all your physical activities. 
Your mastery of fundamental movements is also the central pathway to recovery and the pathway out of injury. The fundamental movements are: 
  1. Press/Push 
  2. Pull
  3. Hinge
  4. Squat 
  5. Carry
  6. Everything else; especially groundwork 

Physical fitness is the ability to do a physical task. The first five, in the list above, are necessary for any physical task but not sufficient for overall physical fitness. We add the sixth (everything else; especially groundwork) to make the fundamental movement set both necessary and sufficient. 

Most classes or programs fall into the sixth fundamental movement. Now that you know the six fundamental movements: If you are struggling in a class or program can you guess what needs work? If you guess one or all of the other five fundamental movements, you are correct. Since classes or programs usually fall in the sixth fundamental movement then it follows that the answer is the other five movements. 

At Sunstone we have four categories of classes. 

  1. Yoga
  2. Pilates
  3. Barre
  4. Fitness 

These all fall into the sixth fundamental movement. One of the principle goals (among many) of our new Coach for Life program is to give you the necessary assistance to master the other five fundamental movements and apply them in class. 

 Your coach will guide you on:

  • what to do
  • how to do it
  • when to do it
  • and, in the context of why you are doing it; based on your goals and where you are in your mastery

Your coach will give you assessments to know where you are in your fundamental movements, help you move better, and track your improvement. This will enhance your ability to utilize all our classes toward becoming your very best self!

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