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Ray Child Ray Child December 15, 2011

Healthy Holiday Eating: How to Enjoy Your Holiday and Stay on Track

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Does healthy holiday eatingsound like a myth? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the holiday season can bring on a sense of health-related trepidation. Between the abundant food options and the lack of time to exercise, the holidays tend to be a time of excess. Here are five tips to help you stay healthy and keep your weight on track this holiday season. Healthy Holiday Eating Be reasonable. This holiday season, don’t expect to drop 10 pounds or make it to the gym every day if it’s not already part of your routine. Save the hardcore resolutions for January 1. For now, focus your energies on creating a balance – set an achievable goal for your holiday season.. Make time to exercise. Whether it’s a 60-minute hot yoga session or just a walk around the block, make time for some weekly exercise. Get out and get moving, and you’ll find yourself much more prepared to manage the stresses of the season. You don’t have to practice every day or for three straight hours just to make up for the office holiday party. Instead, set your goal for just 2.5 hours per week. If you’re continuing to put effort into your health, you’re also far more likely to pass up that fifth cookie. Plan ahead. Keep yourself on track by taking the time to plan. Make your yoga practice a priority. Put your weekly practice times into your calendar like you would any other event and intend to keep the appointment! Better yet, recruit a friend to go with you and double the likelihood of actually attending. Eat deliberately. Let your hot yoga practice inform your life – become more mindful. Be aware of your surroundings and your actions. Take the time to survey any buffet setting completely before you fill your plate. Savor every bite, and you’ll find yourself full more quickly. Pay attention and you’ll be far more likely to stay on track. If you overeat at one meal, don’t fret. Just go a little lighter at the next meal, and get moving again as soon as you can. It takes 500 calories a day above your maintenance weight to gain one pound. According to CPMC Sutter Health, you literally cannot gain weight from one piece of pie! Keeping a regular yoga practice throughout the holidays will also help to keep you on track. Practicing on an overly full stomach is not something you will likely want to repeat. Be aware of beverages. Most of us drink way too many of our calories over the holidays. Non-alcoholic beverages can be packed with sugars, while alcoholic beverages tend to lower our inhibitions and leave us prone to overeating. Reach for water at least twice as often as any other beverage option, and you can’t go wrong. Dallas Hot Yoga Helps You Stay on Track Of course, here at Sunstone, we’re going to recommend fitness as part of your holiday routine. Yoga balances both the body and the mind, so that you get a workout, focus the mind, and substantively counteract stress at the same time. And there’s something uplifting and comforting about walking into a steamy Dallas hot yoga studio as temperatures drop outside. We offer classes that run for 45, 60, or 90 minutes, so that you can find a class that fits your schedule even when you’re in a hurry. And we’re open 364 days a year – we’ll only be closed Christmas day – so there will be classes available on your schedule this season. Check out our Class Finder page to see our most up-to-date holiday schedule

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