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Jen Jen February 14, 2013

Many Different Types of Love

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It would appear there are many different types of love.

Most of us have felt the thrill of new love: that exciting rush of a new relationship. Parental love is, at its best, unconditional, all-encompassing, unending and at times, overwhelming. Sibling love is perhaps as powerful as parental love, though sometimes tumultuous and unpredictable. Love between friends, both male and female is usually a more patient, supportive love. However, are these many versions of love really any different?

I offer that love, in its truest form, is not just something we give and then seek to find. True love is something we build within ourselves until it simply cannot be contained, spilling over and out from us like a waterfall!

Love is not truer because it is shared by romantic partners, rather than one brother for another, one child for its mother. It is truer because it comes from the deepest place within us - a place of full self-acceptance.

Yoga teaches us to love and accept ourselves within our practice, regardless of any outcome in the present moment. It is not important whether you hold your standing bow for the entire 60 seconds without falling. It is only important that you see each fall as an opportunity to stand again. This is our inner yoga practice which extends outside of the yoga room. Similarly, it is not important that you make no mistakes in your life, or your relationships. It is important that we begin to see our mistakes as triumphs in becoming more, rather than circumstantial evidence of our failure as a human being. As creators, we become more by embracing our miss-steps, and arranging them into stepping stones to whatever higher place we seek. We have heard the expression, "love is not a noun, but a verb." From this perspective, loving is something we do in the world, rather than just something that happens to us. We have control over the amount of love we send out, which in turn tends to affect the love we draw towards us.


If we withhold love from others, we withhold it from ourselves, as well. We cannot be that love we wish to see in the world, without knowing what it is to feel that love for ourselves first—to see our own love action as a force strong enough to change the world.

Nurturing our practice is one way we love our bodies and strengthen our minds. Making the time for that care is not selfish, but necessary. My practice at Sunstone reminds me that simply being in the yoga room is enough to help me grow. Yoga is a gift we may give ourselves in any moment we decide to breathe in gratitude, and exhale love.

Jen Wanamaker - Sunstone Team Member

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