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Ray Child Ray Child February 27, 2012

Designated Manager Recognition

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Have you ever thought about what or who really makes Sunstone’s studios run? Managers, an integral part of the studio life force, a center point that gives energy while keeping things on track. We couldn't do it without them!

Nicole started practicing hot yoga with Sunstone in 2007 when she was working as an accountant in downtown Dallas, living in Murphy, and commuting on the train every day. Her co-workers did hot yoga and were constantly talking about this amazing experience. She searched on the internet to find a hot yoga studio near her and started practicing at Sunstone’s Preston Towne Crossing studio in Plano.She soon entered into the Sunstone Academy with the intent to one day open her own Sunstone Franchise. Nicole started teaching part-time while continuing her accounting career for several more years. Eventually, tired of the corporate world, she made the decision to teach full-time in early 2011 when she joined the Rockwall Village studio team as Lead Yoga Advisor. When Skillman Live Oak had an opening for a Manager later in 2011, she moved to take the position, starting around the same time the studio rolled out its new membership options – talk about a lot of change!

Being a successful Manager requires dedication, attention to detail, and love (for our students, teachers, and SunstoneFIT in general). They teach, manage, organize, and try not to let themselves get too run down. Despite these challenges, Nicole loves her job, and wakes up excited to come in to work. She also loves that she now has the opportunity to use her business skills while sharing her love of yoga with her students. She says she “look[s] for any opportunity to connect with [her] students” and is very aware of how her actions in her position reflect directly on Sunstone. Nicole wrote the following to the studio owners and team:

Thank you. I came to you wanting to join your business in sharing yoga love with our community. Through this, you have given me opportunity which I never thought was possible, but your belief in me has pushed me forward into what has become the best change I have made in my life. Thank you for your encouragement and what you saw that I had in me to bring to fruition.

To my Team- Welcoming me with open arms has been the best gift I have ever received. As a naturally shy person, every one of you has built me to be the teacher and manager I have come to be. I continue to build upon what you bring in my life~ energy, positivity, and love for all that is around me. Please know that every success in our studio is because of you.

Designated Manager -Nicole

Nicole finds that organizing and managing her time is the most challenging aspect of her new position -- not to mention trying to balance her team’s needs, and maintaining team morale: “I love that things are always changing, they never get stale. There is always some new promotion, or thing to get excited about.” Since leaving the corporate world, Nicole finds that she is a much happier person all around. Her boyfriend, Jeff, loves how her life and attitude have transformed since she fully committed to teaching. Nicole and Jeff grew up in Garland, and both of their families still live there. Jeff is a graphic designer and bartender. Nicole and Jeff live with their two furry rescue “children” – two Terrier mixes named Jezebel and Sarian.

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