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Ray Child Ray Child April 9, 2013

3 Ways Change Is Beneficial (And 3 Ways You Can Embrace It)

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Most people fight change, especially change that is beyond their control. Habit and routine keep things orderly and safe, and when things don't go as planned, it's hard to see the positive side. But change brings with it some often-overlooked benefits. Think that change is good in theory, but you could still do without it?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Change encourages growth. Fact: The body and mind are highly adaptable and will quickly stop responding to the same challenge. Variety prevents that plateau (in the fitness world, changing up your routine to encourage growth has been called "muscle confusion"). To see this principle in action, imagine a Hot Yoga (Fire) junkie attending her first Flow Yoga (Earth) class. She may discover parts of her body that have been habitually neglected and might feel sore in muscles she didn't know she had!

2. Change allows new beginnings. Recall the very first time you met a now-dear friend, your first yoga class, or the first time you heard a beloved song. Life change is the only way to experience the excitement of discovering something new. Everything that leaves your life is an opportunity for something new to come along. Parents who were saddened to see their children start to grow up will understand this, as letting go of those happy years can lead to the blessing of seeing them become mature and independent adults making their way in the world and starting their own familes.

3. Change is inevitable. Like it or not, the future will always hold change; we all experience periods of relative stability, but nothing can remain static indefinitely. Embracing that change will bring peace and alleviate frustration. Knowing that change will come regardless of your attitude, it makes sense to come to terms with it. This mental switch is a huge step toward learning to surrender the need for control--something most of us struggle with more than we probably admit.

With that in mind, how can you make change work for you? Sometimes the small things are the ones that have the most lasting impact, and embracing small changes will prepare you to tackle the big ones. Here are some baby steps to help you open yourself to change:

1. Take the initiative. Go out of your way to shake up your own routine and it will be easier when something else does the shaking. Start small. You might make a health-conscious change, like going to bed half an hour earlier or switching from soda to electrolyte water. Or you might simply set up your mat in a different spot in the yoga room each time you take class. If life circumstances take you away from the studio, you don't have to lose your practice, having learned to be okay with changing it up. Small shifts can make a big difference in your perspective.

2. Reflect on positive changes. Just reminding yourself of all the times that change ended up being pleasant--even if you weren't excited about it initially--can do a lot for your attitude towards change in general. Try making a list of all the happy surprises life has thrown your way in the past ten years, or of changes that seemed undesirable but paved the way for something great. You might want to keep these lists in a journal to revisit from time to time.

3. Expect the unexpected. Learn to put a mental asterisk by all your plans with the disclaimer, "If all goes as expected." A great many things will not go as planned, and mentally preparing for (and being okay with) a different outcome will make it easier to accept when things seem to be going off-course. Make preparations for the future, of course--this is not an excuse to throw readiness to the wind! Just make sure that you see your plans as a road map, not as a certainty.

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