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Ray Child Ray Child June 12, 2012

Why We Teach Yoga

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One word: change. It's why we teach yoga.

We chose yoga because of the changes that occurred when we brought yoga into our own lives. Many people, even your teachers, began practicing yoga hoping to lose weight or affect some other physical change in their bodies. But months (and years) later, we find that we stuck with it because of the amazing mental and life changes that have come out of our practice.

Our CEO and co-founder, Brandon Hartsell, began practicing yoga over 15 years ago, and began teaching in August 2000. As a former professional basketball player and avid athlete, Brandon has actively participated in many forms of physical fitness: weight lifting, running, cycling, spinning, rock climbing, aerobics, and martial arts. While pursuing a career as a personal trainer, he gathered evidence that led him to understanding the effectiveness of a regular yoga practice. Thus, Sunstone was founded.

Whether they realize it or not, many people come to yoga at a transitory point in their lives. Hear what some of our students have to say. It is not always just “wanting to get flexible” that drives people to yoga. Teachers and students alike are often seeking a life change, a way to enhance their relationships with themselves...not just a new form of exercise.

Your teachers were inspired to transition from student to teacher because yoga opened doors for them and provided insight and change in their lives. Some took one class and signed up immediately for teacher training; others had to wait until life gave them an opening to go to do so. There's lots of great teacher testimonials out there. At the root of it all lies the desire to assist others in creating positive change in their lives.

Why do you care? Your yoga teachers understand that people look to yoga for inspiration, for validation of strength, for an outlet. We have seen the differences it has made in our lives, our bodies, and continue to want to help all who are looking for change a wonderful vehicle in which to accomplish it.

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