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Ray Child Ray Child June 7, 2012

A Catalyst for Change

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We like to see fitness as a catalyst for change, and fuel for sustaining mind, body and life balance. It is a tool, and like any other instrument of change, can be used by amateurs or experts on a variety of levels to accomplish an end goal. So, whether you’re a couch potato considering beginning a regular fitness practice, an avid exerciser looking for another outlet for releasing energy and building strength, or an experienced practitioner looking to “kick it up a notch,” baby steps can help take you where you want to go in your relationship with yoga and yourself.

  • Begin. Think of just one thing that yoga can do for you today. A.k.a. “define a short-term goal.” Don’t be scared. We said short-term. We have a few ideas to get you rolling:

“Seeing my teacher and connecting with my fellow students today will help me get my mind off of the person who hasn’t returned my call.”

“Today's barre class will help me let go of the fact that my boss is insane.”

“This yoga class will get me back on the right path after all of the bad stuff I ingested this week.”

“Today HIIT will help me feel accomplished.”

  • Decide. Don’t just try to go to class, go. Get off Facebook. Don’t turn on the TV. Go. Now. We promise that deciding to go is the hardest step, and that you will only feel better from the point that you actually do it. No down side. Get moving.

  • Shake it up. Break the monotony of doing nothing or doing the same thing. We like to call this our little “shock and awe” secret to success. The body loves challenges, the mind craves variety. Feed them. Try something new. A new class, a new posture, heck, maybe even a new outfit! Just shaking it up will often give you the energy you need to stay on a path, or remind you what you loved about practice when you began.

HIIT_WelcomeHopefully, if you are feeling like you have let your practice slide lately, or if you have never actually put the thought of developing a practice into motion, these little hints will help.

Many of us are conditioned to see change as scary or bad. Change in and of itself is neither. It can be as simple as deciding what areas of your life you would like to see become different, and then putting a plan into action.

There is one detail that cannot be underestimated in its importance: your choice. While you may not always be able to control all the changes in your life, you are always able to control how to receive it. To choose whether it produces anxiety or excitement.

Make the decision to own the change in your life, beginning with getting out the door and into the studio.

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