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Wendy Boyce Wendy Boyce July 12, 2017

Build Good Food Habits

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Eating fruits and vegetables is all about creating a habit and taste for it! The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the better you feel and ultimately you will like them. No reason to become a vegan cold turkey over-night, give your gut the opportunity to improve over time. Slow your roll, allowing for better enzymes and digestion over time.
My name is Wendy Boyce, I’m a lead Coach, develop classes for SunstoneFit, and am manager of Sunstone Academy. I’m incredibly passionate about food. In my spare time I lead vegan cooking classes. That’s right - no meat or dairy - all plant based. I provide handouts and recipes for the classes and inevitably one person will say “wait a minute, there is no meat on this menu?” or “Do you have a problem with bacon?” My response is “I like bacon, but I don’t eat it every day”. I follow that with “You all know how to cook meat, I need to teach you how to prepare and/or cook fruits and vegetables. My hope is that these vibrant foods will find their way into your diet.” 

Do not reinvent the wheel. Add a couple of positive changes into your diet and take out a couple of negative things one week or one month at a time. Build a habit.  

Examples of positive changes to implement in your diet: 

  1. Drink more water (get an app to remind yourself if needed) 
  2. Eat more colorful vegetables (french fries don’t count) 
  3. Eat good fats (nuts, avocados, good oils - olive, sunflower, avocado, walnut, etc)  

Examples of things to cut out: 

  1. Cardboard carbs and Frankenstein fats (processed/prepackaged foods - put down the bag of Doritos and stop the frozen dinners).  
  2. Watch your sugar intake (sugar in your diet should come mostly from natural sources - fruit instead of Twinkies. Cake is a treat and should be reserved for special occasions, not the daily mid-afternoon crash). 

In Summary: keep it simple, Eat like an ADULT, and slow changes are lasting changes.

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