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Brookes Brookes December 18, 2015

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With the Holiday season nearly upon us it is time for our annual New Year’s schedule updates! Consequently, it's also when we receive the most questions about how we chose to make those changes. (Trust us, it's not easy.) It's important to us to not only have the best quality classes and excellent customer service, but to also develop an awesome schedule that serves our students' needs. So, with a limited number of classes slots to schedule – and a wide range of class types to offer – how exactly do we determine what classes to put on the schedule, how many of each class, and when on the schedule they should appear?

Start with the best objective data possible: 1.      Student attendance patterns over the previous year. Work to not be overly swayed by personal opinion (for example, Ben's two favorite classes are Fire and HIIT – the perfect schedule for him would only have those two classes on it!). 2.      Overall class popularity. Calculate average attendance by class type across all studios - all times for that year. 3.      Time slot preference. Calculate average attendance by class type across all studios - in seven distinct time slots from early morning to evening – so we know what types of classes are most popular in what time slot. If you read no farther, please take away that we take schedule changes very seriously. We know how much they impact our students and do our best to be strategic in our choices. Math and stats nerds, read on. Then we generate a popularity ranking for each time slot – the top four Series by time slot are shown below ranked in order of decreasing popularity

Weekday Early AM HIIT, Fire, APY, Wood
Weekday Morning APY, Sculpt, Fire, HIIT
Weekday Lunch Fire, Sculpt, APY/Earth, Water
Weekday Afternoon Fire, Core, Metal, Sculpt
Weekday Prime Time APY, Sculpt, Fire, HIIT
Weekday Evening Sculpt, APY, Fire, Water/Spark
Weekend Morning APY, Fire, HIIT, Sculpt
Weekend Afternoon Sculpt, Fire, APY, Core
In order to make sure we load the right amount of each class type into each studio schedule we also rank the overall (not time slot dependent) popularity of each Series from 1 (most popular) to 10 (least).
Series Rank Type
Fire 2.4 Yoga
APY Flow 2.8 Yoga
Sculpt 3.3 Barre
Core 5.6 Fitness
Wood 6.5 Fitness
Water 6.7 Yoga
HIIT 6.9 Fitness
Earth 8.6 Yoga
Metal 8.8 Pilates
Spark 8.9 Yoga
Sweat 9.3 Fitness
APY Basic F 9.3 Yoga
 Armed with this data we now apply a set of general principles to each studio schedule.
    • ~40% of classes are Fire
    • 50-55% of classes are Yoga (Fire, Earth, APY, Hot Flow, Wood, Water, Spark)
    • 30% of classes are Fitness (HIIT, CORE, SWEAT)
    • Good single studio mixture of classes
    • Good time slot mixture of classes – taking time slot popularity data into account - Try to represent all of the top 4 ranked classes in each time slot
    • Good multi-studio mix of classes – try not to run the same class at the same time in nearby studios
Then we look at studio specific attendance data to try and satisfy local studio preferences
    • Identify strongly attended class - Make minimal changes to these
    • Identify weakly attended classes - Replace these with strong classes for that time slot where possible
    • Create a good balance between Yoga and Fitness offerings - making sure both Yoga centric and Fitness centric students have good options
Whew! As you can see – the scheduling process is a very complex one that takes time to develop.  Each studio’s manager is consulted to give us another layer of local information. We want everyone to feel confident that we use a data driven and objective methodology for updating our schedules – making the best choices we can to bring a great selection of class offerings to our community! We love our Sunstone family. Thanks for helping us be our very best selves. Ben Hartsell, Vice President Brookes Ebetsch, Executive Director

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