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Ray Child Ray Child April 2, 2012

Our Five Teaching Principles

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At Sunstone Yoga, our vision is to become one of the world’s most influential fitness associations who transforms the very idea of fitness from isolated physical activity into an integrated body, mind and life practice.

In order to work towards this we need

  1. Students. :)
  2. A solid team of teachers who believe in our vision and embody our values.

We want our students to know how committed we as instructors are to their experience, to creating change, to helping them cultivate their very best self. This is our mantra. This is what sets us apart.

Be Consistent - Our first principle is consistency. Fostering this within ourselves and demonstrating it during class helps our students avoid self-doubt as they develop their own consistent yoga practice. Consistency is also part of the respect and encouragement we extend to each other as a team.

Be Observant - Without sacrificing consistency, we must respond to what we observe. Being a good teacher is not about saying more but about seeing more –this helps us refine the subtleties of our teaching skills. Careful observation enables us to consistently deliver dynamic instruction to our students.

Be Kind and Grateful - Our first acts of kindness are to be consistent and observant. Our students have busy lives, and they make a special effort to prioritize attending our classes. They have earned our kindness during our time with them, and we are grateful for their loyalty.

Be Engaged - To be mindfully engaged with our students is the culmination of all of our principles, and the key to endless possibility. A teacher without students is not a teacher. When we realize this, there is no room for conflict–it is replaced with a shared energy and passion. Engagement ultimately empowers us to lead classes that are the highlights of our students’ lives during our shared quest for excellence.

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