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Dallas Hot Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Fitness

Ray Child Ray Child March 11, 2013

Discover Sunstone… Orientation is where it’s at!

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Have you ever thought about why beginning something new, or even picking back up something you have done before, is often a source of anxiety? Maybe it is because there is little frame for expectations of this fresh experience, because looking like the new kid can be embarrassing, or maybe it is just because a new path can often feel lonely.

We have all been there and felt anxiety of the unknown. At Sunstone, we want to help new and returning students feel welcome in our studios while ensuring that our members' practice experience is not interrupted by those just learning our culture, so we have launched our all-new, 30-minute Intro. Who should come to Orientation? Anyone who is not currently a member!

What will happen during Orientation? Offered at each Sunstone location 30 minutes before every class, this relaxed half-hour information session is a space for students to learn about our class series, studio etiquette, our history, vision and teaching principles. Learn what you can expect; it is a time to ask questions. Get to know other new students as well as a few members of the Sunstone team. Each new attendee is gifted their First Class Free for their attendance and receives our best membership offer.

If you are thinking about building a practice with Sunstone, make time for Orientation, and if you are able, attend a class immediately following! You will walk away with an immediate understanding of who we are and what we do.

If you are a current member, Orientation provides a great opportunity to get your friends interested in Sunstone. Help them earn a free class by referring them to this new offering.

We want our students to succeed in reaching their personal fitness goals and discovering lasting health. Encouraging students to attend Orientation is the best way we know to ease the anxiety of a new experience and help each attendee build a regular practice at Sunstone. After all, preparation and repetition are the keys to success!

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