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What Is Suspension Training?

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If you are like many people slowly coming out of quarantine, you want to get yourself back in shape. Gyms have been closed, we have been shut up in our homes, and we are just itching to attain our prior levels of health and fitness once more.

For those of us who have never started a consistent fitness routine and regime, the concept of suspension training can seem very intimidating. Suspension training takes standard exercise to the next level by working with the combination of gravity and your body weight to give you a very effective workout in a relatively short period of time.

What is suspension training?

You may be asking yourself, what is suspension training? With the addition of some heavy-duty straps attached to an anchored surface, you can take your workout to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Virtually any standard exercise can be transformed through the addition of suspension straps, making your workout more effective in less time. Navy seals and other fitness professionals swear by this method of working out, as they claim that no other form of workout protocol has quite the same effect on both balancing the body and improving strength. While you must be careful when first attempting this type of adaptation, it is possible to undergo successful suspension training for beginners, provided you follow proper form and function instructions. Let's take a look at some of the suspension training benefits you stand to gain with this type of monster workout:

1. Benefit: Fast and effective results

With the use of gravity and resistance in your workout, you can workout fast and see results much more quickly than with regular workouts. Vast improvements in balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and posture are just some of the things you can expect to see when you switch to this total body blast.

2. Benefit: Stronger Core

Want a rock-solid core? Even suspension training for beginners offers such solid ab workout benefits. Your ab muscles function as a major component to stabilize and strengthen your arms, legs, and shoulders, and they are constantly working to keep you in position while you perform suspension movements. You'll be surprised at how fast you start seeing some definition and added strength in your midsection.

3. Benefit: It works for almost everyone

You need only to adjust your body position and resistance to see some serious suspension training benefits. For this reason, this exercise method is suitable for everyone from pro athletes to seniors, novice beginners to exercise enthusiasts. Make sure you attempt your first few sessions under the trained eye of a professional to reduce your risk of injury, and once you get on the right track, you'll be setting yourself up for fitness success.

4. Benefit: It can be done everywhere

Suspension training is easily one of the most portable workouts that can be performed, attaching resistance straps to a doorframe or other anchored structure to provide stellar workout results in little time. You can be a homebody or a world traveler, and still be able to enjoy thorough and effective workouts nearly anywhere.

How do I get started with Suspension Training?

With the right equipment and some basic starting exercises, you can begin suspension training and look forward to better health almost immediately. Exercises such as chest presses, tricep extensions, and squats take on a whole new level of depth and challenge with the addition of suspension resistance bands. Changing the angle at which you are performing each exercise, the distance you are standing from your training station, and even the level of resistance in your bands will significantly impact your workout. At SunstoneFIT many of our HIIT Classes incorporate suspension training. If you have additional questions about suspension training workouts, talk to one of our fitness coaches. They’ll be happy to help you get started!

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