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Ray Child Ray Child January 23, 2012

Yoga For Cross Training

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Yoga can be excellent cross-training for athletes. Hot yoga, in particular, is especially suited to a slot on your cross-training schedule.

It’s a no-brainer that yoga will help keep hard-working muscles stretched and flexible while making them strong in their full range of motion. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Over time, a regular hot yoga can actually increase lung capacity and cardiovascular abilities. Spend a few hours in a hot yoga studio each week and notice yourself begin to breathe more easily during distance runs, improve alignment when lifting weights, and even increase range of motion in a tennis swing or a softball throw.

In addition, the mental focus you’ll learn on the mat can help you maintain brainpower and laser focus when engaged in other sports. You may find yourself reacting more quickly and feeling more present in all physical activities!

Yoga and Your Favorite Sport:

Yoga can help you improve performance in your sport of choice. Here’s how:

  • Yoga for swimmers: Hot yoga’s focus on balance and alignment makes it an excellent cross-training technique for swimmers. You’ll build long, lean muscle with a full range of motion that translates easily to the water. Check out Yoga Journal’s article on swimming and yoga for suggestions.
  • Yoga for runners: The greatest benefit most yoga practices offer to runners is a reduction in the likelihood of injuries while running. The pain and muscle rigidity that many runners battle are due to hard-core sport-specific training that wears on the body over time. The gentle extensions of yoga can help counteract those problems.
  • But hot yoga can go farther. The stamina you build on the mat pushes over into your attitude on the track or the trail – you’ll find yourself pushing harder, yet feeling more relaxed and able to go the distance or find the speed you need.
  • Yoga for Cross Training
  • Yoga for ballplayers: Focus on hip openers that help you run faster and harder, and on shoulder openers that will improve your “torque” and range of motion. Downward- facing dog, a variation of standing forward bend, and hip openers such as pigeon pose are excellent choices for a basic practice. Check out Yoga Journal’s article for more suggestions.
  • Yoga for golfers: Katherine Roberts, author of Yoga for Golfers, has seen first-hand how yoga can open up shoulders and both strengthen and stretch stiff back muscles, visibly improving a poorly aligned golf swing. Check out Yoga Journal’s article, “Swing Time” for more information on the benefits of yoga for golf, and on Roberts’ book.

No matter what sport ignites your passion, hot yoga can help you get the most out of the activities you love – and stay healthy (and injury-free) while you do it.

Need a good workout that works for a variety of fitness needs and cross-training needs? Try our stamina-testing hot yoga practice! To find out more about Sunstone Yoga’s revolutionary hot yoga, check out our website, friend us on Facebook, or contact us directly.

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