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Brandon Hartsell Brandon Hartsell December 31, 2012

Why Hot Pilates? And More!

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I am very excited for Sunstone to be offering Hot Pilates (previously called Metal)! The postures Sunstone offers in our Pilates series are dynamic movements that complement the more static nature of most of our yoga postures. The dynamic movements of Pilates challenge the muscles, cardiovascular system, and mind in new and complementary ways. In our hot yoga classes we generally (not always) get in a posture and hold a static position. In contrast in Pilates, we generally stabilize our ‘Pilates Core’ (abdomen, back, inner thighs and buttocks) and making a controlled but dynamic movement.

Yoga Core (previously called Wood) has always been a good ‘bridge’ between Yoga and Pilates; now the new, 45-minute Hot Pilates completes the transition.

The new Pilates class is naturally energetic with dynamic transitions and is paired with equally energetic music. Looking at the chart below, the series sequences are broken down showing the approximate percentage of postures that are static versus dynamic movements. The chart also shows transitions and environment added for comparison: Class Comparison Chart

In short our Hot Pilates class is a truly unique experience with new challenges that support our purpose of helping you connect with and cultivate your very best self. Not only will the it be a welcome challenge for our Members, it is also an exciting challenge for the elite team of Sunstone teachers. The Sunstone Academy has leveraged 10 years of experience to deliver, to your teachers, the most comprehensive training program it has developed to date. The program is composed of hands-on training, practice classes, video and written support materials that layer onto the foundation each teacher learns when they train through the Sunstone Academy. There is always a learning curve when introducing new classes but I think you will be pleasantly satisfied with the initial classes and amazed at how quickly the teachers improve. I encourage you to support your teachers’ development with patience and feedback in the quick surveys you receive after every class.

For 2013 Sunstone is also bringing you a new and improved Flow Yoga Series (previous called Earth) that fuses the best elements of the original Earth and previous Metal classes into an invigorating power flow class set to music. We have also repackaged our popular Hot Yoga Series (previously called Fire) and created our new Hot Yoga Lite Series (previously called Spark). This new class features the familiar Hot Yoga postures but delivered in a milder environment with adjusted hold times. It’s a great place for beginners, returning students, and those of us who just want to take it down a notch. You will also notice we have finally produced the much requested 60-minute version of our Yoga Calm Series (previously called Water). This year at Sunstone we can all enjoy an expanded spectrum of classes.

Finally, for new students we have redesigned our Intro class into a 30-minute orientation. This will help new students learn about Sunstone at an accelerated rate, reduce their first class anxiety and the stress of ‘learning the ropes’ of the Sunstone community. To encourage new student participation in the Intro class, participants earn a free class; replacing our previous introductory offers. (Note: original post updated for 2016)

I encourage everyone to come and experience the new Sunstone.

Happy New Year,
Brandon Hartsell

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